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Time Management Tips for Moms Over 40 by Tiffany Faming

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Whether they are young or old, having children of any age can be incredibly time consuming. This can leave moms feeling as though staying on top of things is almost impossible. However, by utilizing these simple tips for time management, even the craziest schedules can be maintained.
1.  Asses Your Time
This is the beginning step when initially setting up time management skills. Take a good look at your schedule and determine what tasks can be reduced, and which ones can be eliminated completely. You’d be surprised how many tasks are taking up valuable time but aren’t actually necessary. At this point in time you can also prioritize your time; figuring out what tasks need to be finished immediately and which tasks you can be leisure about, seeing as how they aren’t due until later in the month.

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2.  Organization is Key
There are a few key factors when it comes to organizing that you need to think about. First and foremost, keep organized in the home. Always put things back where they belong to reduce clutter, as clutter can not only be a stressor but can also slow you down.

If you don’t have enough space to organize all of your belongings, take advantage of the next step of organizing: storage bins. You can use big bins for items you don’t need to go in the garage, and smaller bins to put in the closet so you can use them when necessary.

Lastly, keep your entire schedule organized using a planner or calendar. Knowing your daily routine and important activities ahead of time will make your entire day run smoother. You’ll also be able to let your kids know when an event is coming so they can get prepared ahead of time, instead of minutes before, leaving you to rush out the door.

3.  Get Help
This particular time management tip for moms can really only be used with older children, although you can start integrating this tip with younger kids by the age of 2. This tip is simple: if you need help, get help from the kids. Every child in the household should have an important duty (or more than one) that they accomplish every day/week. But if this isn’t enough and you’re still strapped with time, try asking your child to help in other ways also. Reward them for their hard work and they’ll have no problem helping you in the future.

4.  Utilize the Internet
The internet is useful for so many things, but a lot of people don’t use it when it comes to time management. Instead of going out and shopping, try shopping online. Not only is it time saving but you can also snag special deals you can’t find in-store. Instead of going to the mailbox to pay your bills (or the store itself), simply set up an automatic payment method for your bills online. The money will be deducted from your bank account when the bill is due.

Using these time management skills will not only reduce stress for the entire family, but also make the entire day run smoother. Simply take a moment to assess and prioritize your time, then move on to organizing and asking your children for help.

Author bio: Tiffany is a passionate writer and proud mom of two kids. She loves to write on family, fashion, travel, home d├ęcor and gardening topics. Please visit her Google+ and Coupon4Mom blog to see more interesting posts.


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