Monday, October 15, 2007

The Muse Online Conference 2007

I had the privilege to attend the The Muse Online Conference 2007 last week, organized by Lea Schizas of:

MuseItUp Club
Apollo's Lyre
Meet Lea:

and Carolyn Howard-Johnson award-winning author of the HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers. http://www.howtodoitfrugally./ Also find her blogs at:

This is an amazing opportunity to attend week long workshops and author chats held by an enormous amount of speakers all from the comfort of you own home!

The Muse Online Writers Conference was created out of a need to make certain as many writers as possible have the opportunity to be involved and get to meet other like writers and professional figures in the writing world. There are far too many writers who either don’t have the monetary means to attend a ‘real face-to-face’ conference, are situated too far away, or have some sort of a disability causing them to refrain from attending.

The Muse Goldbar offers snippets and whole workshop lessons presented in our 2006 Conference for you to enjoy. If you want to check out what you missed click the below link to learn more:

I cannot not stress enough that this is a golden opportunity that you cannot miss for 2008.


  1. I want to thank you,Donna, for bragging about the 2007 Muse Online Writers Conference. I'm thrilled you had a blast.

    Next year's conference proves to be even bigger than this year. More info, more handouts, and more chats for one and all.

    See you then.

    Lea Schizas

  2. Donna,
    Thank you for shouting to the world about our online conference. Lea and I know that it is a rare opportunity to be able to help more than 1500 authors--all free.
    As much as I love helping them with my HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers, I can't do that at no cost. (-:
    Until next year!
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Award-winning novelist, poet and author of The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor


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