Monday, November 26, 2007

Guest Author - Dyan Garris

Hello all...I'm thrilled to have Dyan Garris, author of "Voice of the Angels Cookbook ~ Talk to Your Food! ~ Intuitive Cooking," as my guest author today.

We’ve all heard of and perhaps have experienced that mysterious, frustrating, and inexplicable phenomenon of writer’s block. What is this exactly and how do we get beyond it?

All writing takes place first in the higher dimensions of the heart, soul, and mind of the author and then gets translated to the two dimensional piece of paper. So when one is experiencing writer’s block, whether you are fully aware of it or not, it means that somewhere along those points of energy, or energy meridians, exists energy blockage.

One of the keys to unlocking the doors to creativity lies in the ability to clear and rebalance the energy field and/or chakras. When the energy field is balanced, one discovers with joy that the hinge on the door of the creative mind once again swings open as easily as a newly oiled gate.

The first step in clearing the field is as simple as identifying what is really bothering you or affecting you on a very physical level. We start with this because this is the energy that resides in the first or root chakra. Issues and challenges regarding money, time, family, and relationships can have quite a negative effect upon creative flow.

The second chakra is the seat of creativity. If we are writing and creating something that we have no audience for or have challenges in bringing to market, then we may find the creative flow being stifled or staunched. It is akin to being in a constant state of pregnancy and never giving birth.

The third chakra is the resting place of the soul. If you aren’t able to express, communicate, and impart what is in your very core, you will perhaps experience a wedge of stagnation and frustration.

Most writers write from the heart, from their imaginations and upper chakras. When experiencing writer’s block it isn’t that the heart and mind are closed. It’s that the flow to these is temporarily blocked. If the flow is blocked by the static energy being generated from the lower chakras, nothing brilliant or inspirational can get through or get translated to paper. It’s similar to a clogged pipe. It is necessary to eliminate the obstruction in the system.

Clearing the energy field and balancing the chakras is not a difficult task if one understands that one must start at the base and work up from there. I used to teach a class on how to do it, and then in 2005 I developed a music and meditation series for vibrational attunement of mind, body and soul. This does the all the work for you and one doesn’t consciously have to do anything at all except listen to very soothing music. I designed it to clear the chakras and balance the entire system. Among other things, I had it independently tested by National Health & Wellness, where it earned their Stamp of Approval.

I also incorporated this vibrational attunement work into my new cookbook, Voice of the Angels – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking. Cooking and preparing food is a basic root chakra function; however the creative procedure of doing so is an upper chakra operation. When you tie those together, you’re opening and balancing all of your chakras easily and effortlessly.

One of the most important goals of my body of work is to make chakra balancing and energy clearing into a completely natural and enjoyable process. In learning to do this we can become our best selves and our whole selves. Let the creativity flow!

Dyan Garris publishes a free Daily Channeled Message on her website:


  1. Hi Donna. Thank you for hosting me today. I'm here to answer any questions that may arise.


  2. Hi Dyan,

    I'm a little late getting out here today, but if you're still around, can you let me know how you help people identify what is bothering them? Are there different methods for different people or do you always use the same proven approach?



  3. Hi Cheryl. I actually SEE energy so I can see where it's blocked. Also, just by listening to the symptoms I can tell where it's blocked. Certain energy and patterns reside in certain chakras. As I tune into a person during a reading I can tell what's bothering them. Looking at energy is just like looking at a physical person. I can tell where the energy is blocked that way too.


  4. Dyan...Thrilled to have you here today. I have always believed in the energies around us. I have received the mediatation basket and I'm looking forward to listening to the cd's and using the additional items. I'm especially intrigued by the stone.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Donna. Thank you. I'm glad you like the meditation basket. I think I stuck some extra candles in there for you too. Hopefully they didn't smush down the basket stuffing too much! The stone/ceramic is the incense holder. I originally had a different incense in there and that had its own flat wooden holder. We sold out and when I went to's a slow boat from China. LOL! So I liked the Green Leaf incense (that's a real bamboo leaf wrapper) but it didn't come with its own holder so I just picked one to ride along with it. I think the one I sent you is a moon and star - yin and yang. It's for balance. Enjoy!



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