Saturday, February 2, 2008

Enter the Promotion Quiz Contest at Jessica Kennedy's website

Enter the Promotion Quiz Contest at Jessica Kennedy's website -

Featuring Children's Author Donna McDine by February 21, 2008

To visit an example of a contest winner's page visit In the Spotlight.

All feature will be posted for one month. After that time the pages can be reached by clicking on the name in the alphabetical list to the left.

Everyone can be eligible each month. Prepare a new bio/profile.

Answer the seven question quiz about the "In the Spotlight " site, blog, writer, and/or illustrator and be included in the drawing to be the next featured.

Questions will come from the featured’s bio, website(s)and/or blog(s).

The contestants will read the biographical description, visit other’s sites/blogs and/or learn about their art, business and/or writing. In order to be able to answerthe questions on the quiz, contestants will visit other’s sites and dig into them to find answers to the quiz.

This will create a promotion conduit. The contestant will visit my site to join the contest. Each question will be accompanied by the location of the answer to the question. Ideally the contest quiz will cause a participant to learn about the featured’s work, website(s) and blog(s). The newly featured entity will help create the focus of their bio/feature page. What do you want people to know. Help create a quiz that teaches people about you, your family, your business and/or website(s)/blog(s).

Good luck!

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  1. I entered and had fun searching through your site, Donna. I got to see so many areas you're involved with and all of your writing successes. Kudos.

    Lea Schizas


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