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Stories for Children Magazine Talks with Children's Author Terry Pierce



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SFC Magazine Talks with Children’s Author Terry Pierce.

Terry Pierce chatted with Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Fiction/Poetry Editor at Stories for Children Magazine about the joys of writing for children. Gayle asked Pierce some tough questions such as: “You've written a ton of children's books. Which one is your personal favorite and why?” The two ladies had a great time covering Pierce’s writing career, not to mention Pierce’s latest book Blackberry Banquet, just released by Sylvan Dell Publishing this fall.

When asked about her next project, Pierce had this to say:
“I’m actually working on multiple projects, but the main one is a young adult adventure story about a teenage girl whose family is facing emotional difficulties. As a favor to her dad, she goes on a teen backpacking trip with an adventure organization while he is in the field teaching a college summer school class. Unfortunately, the hikers end up deep in the backcountry with their guide injured, so it is up to the girl and two other teens to hike out to safety. Let’s just say I don’t make it easy for them! I’m also working on a picture book about dinosaurs (I LOVE dinosaurs) and a non-fiction easy reader series about marine life.”

Terry Pierce is an award-winning children’s author. To read more of Pierce’s interview with Fiction/Poetry Editor Gayle Jacobson-Huset visit Stories for Children Magazine at

There are many wonderful articles and stories in the December 2008 winter issue of Stories for Children Magazine to share with children ages 3 to 12 years old.
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  1. Terry's teen adventure story sounds like a real nail-biter! I wonder if the teens will be able to get not only themselves out of the backcountry, but their injured guide as well. Best of luck with the story!

    Patricia Shirra

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for posting this! The article was a lot of fun to do. And to answer Patricia's question, yes, the teens do get out of the backcountry, but in what kind of shape and at what expense, I won't say. Let's just hope the ms is acquired so readers can find out ;-).

  3. Patricia...thanks for stopping by and asking your question. Terry has answered it.

    Terry...what a nice surprise you stopped by and answered Patricia's question...I was curious too.

    Thanks ladies...have a great weekend,


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