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Rebel in Blue Jeans - Character Visit

Author, Beverly Stowe McClure has unleashed two hysterical characters from her novel Rebel in Blue Jeans. Will and Sully insisted that they have a chance to tell their stories, since the puppies and Rebel have been the stars of the book so far. So here are the Garret cousins, Will and Sully, Rebel’s neighbors, who have agreed to answer a few questions. Ready, guys?

Will: You bet.

Sully: Always. (Said with a wicked grin.)

Q: Will, you and Sully are cousins, right?

Will: We are.

Q: Sully, why do you live with Will and his parents?

Sully: I was eleven when my folks were killed in a car accident. I’ve lived with cuz here (he gives Will a friendly shove) ever since.

Will: (Shoves back) He’s more like a brother than a cousin, annoying at times.

Sully: Ah, you’re just jealous ’cause I’m a chick magnet and you’re not.

Will: Ha! In your dreams.

Q: OK, guys. I get the picture. Let’s talk about Rebel. How did you meet her?

Will: We’ve known Rebel all our lives. The Ferguson Ranch borders our Rockin’ G Ranch.

Q: You’re childhood friends then.

Sully: Reb was more like a childhood pest.

Q: How was she a pest?

Will: I wouldn’t exactly call her a pest; she just liked to tag along with us. Wherever we went, she was there.

Sully: We’d go fishing, and she’d bring her pole. She always managed to hook my shirt or a tree limb, instead of a fish. I spent most of the time untangling her line.

Will: Yeah, but she doesn’t have brothers or sisters so she gets lonesome. We sort of adopted her as our little sis.

Q: When did your attitudes about Rebel change?

Will: (Looks at Sully, who looks back) I don’t know exactly. One day she was this skinny kid wearing braces.

Sully: The next day, the braces were gone, and she had curves.

Will: Sully! You’re talking about our Rebel.

Sully: Absolutely.

Q: All right, boys. This is a friendly conversation. Why do you call her “our Rebel”?

Will: (Clears his throat.) Other guys are getting interested in her.

Sully: And we have to check them out to be sure they’re (he throws Will a quick glance) gentlemen.

Q: What does Rebel think about this?

Will: (Grins) She loves us.

Sully: And forgives us.

Q: Forgives you for what?

Will: For running the guys off.

Q: I see. She’s having a pretty rough time now, with her mother leaving home.

Sully: Reb’s tough. She’ll survive.

Will: Which reminds me, we promised to take her to the movies this afternoon, so we gotta go. Thanks for talking to us.

Q: Thank you for your insight into Rebel’s life.

Will: You’re welcome.

Sully: Bye.

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  1. Thank you, Miss Donna, for letting us guys have our say. We enjoyed visiting with you. Great blog here.

    Thank you, Donna, for hosting my quirky characters today. They're really good guys, most of the time.


  2. WOW ! I love this banter between the guys! and something tells me that Rebel better watch out or these two will be taking fellows out back and asking them where they want their plot to be!

  3. These guys are great! Very protective of Rebel I see, lol. I love meeting the characters this way

  4. Beverly and Donna,

    I LOVED this little Q&A with Will and Sully. It makes them become real people, larger than life.

    Thanks for an entertaining post!


  5. That was great Donna. Looking forward to the next fun thing you do.

  6. These guys are just as funny in the book as they are here. You can read my review of "Rebel In Blue Jeans" if you wander over to The Book Connection and type in the title or Bev's name into the search feature at the top left of the page.

    Thanks for hosting Beverly today, Donna!


  7. LOL. I love that, Kim (where they want their plot to be.) The boys would do it too.


  8. Thanks, Nancy. The boys are a big part of the story so they had to have their say. :)


  9. Will and Sully are glad you enjoyed their Q&A, Beth. I am too.


  10. Hi, Terrie. Donna is good, isn't she.


  11. Cheryl, you put together a great tour for me. I'm enjoying every minute.


  12. Thank you to one and all for taking the time out to visit with Will and Sully today...aka Beverly Stowe McClure. A grand time had!

    Warmest regards,

  13. That was really neat banter, Bev. The characters came alive.

  14. Norma...thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments...much appreciated!


  15. Hi Norma,

    They are quite lively characters, aren't they? Thanks for the nice comments.


  16. Hey Donna,

    This has been a great tour. Thanks for hosting my guys.


  17. Will and Sully are two of the most colorful (and annoying) characters in the book. I have to take Rebel's side on this. Sure she loves them, but does that give them the right to run off her handsome college-aged boyfriend? Must they try to save her from herself?

    They are true friends and I
    know she's grateful for their concern. I linked to your review from my blog article about Rebel in Blue Jeans.

  18. Hey Linda,

    Thanks for your comments. When Rebel makes the wrong decisions someone has to help her see the light. Step in the guys, Will and Sully, who may go overboard at times, but have her best interests at heart.



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