Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Review ~ Davey Crockett Gets Hitched by Bobbi Miller

Title: Davey Crockett Gets Hitched

Written by: Bobbi Miller

Illustrator: Megan Lloyd

Soft cover: 32 pages

Ages: 4-8

Publisher: Holiday House

ISBN: 13-579108642

Published: August 2009

Price: $16.95

Who would think something as simple as a burr in someone britches would seal their fate in marriage? For you see a special dance was underway to honor Miss Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind and the curiosity of handsome and no-so-handsome boys drew them to the dance to woo Miss Sally Ann. Unbeknownst to them all competition from Davy Crockett was to be had. Even though Davy Crockett was a strong match for Miss Sally Ann’s combination of spit and vinegar he had an extra leg up or should we say a burr stuck in the seat of his britches making it impossible for him to sit. What ensues is a hilarious account of Miss Sally Ann not allowing to be out danced by Davy Crockett and what she feels needs to be done to outlast him.

In this laugh out loud adventure of courting at the local dance children’s author, Bobbi Miller, brings to life the stubbornness of Miss Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind and Davy Crockett. Run don’t walk to your local bookstore and purchase Davy Crockett Gets Hitched and find out if marriage comes to fruition and if Davy Crockett ever gets the painful burr removed.

Bobbi Miller expertly brings to life the side of Davy Crockett rarely seen along with the brilliant illustrations by Megan Lloyd. Visit her delightful world at http://www.bobbimillerbooks.com/.


  1. The line about the burr is great. Nice hook.

  2. I love books about real events that deal with a personal side of the historical figure. Circumstances sound very funny and if I were still teaching I would be using this book! It combines a funny experience and information about Davy Crockett's personal life.

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