Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now meet the 'cousins'

I introduced my gals earlier today but now it's time to introduce their cousins, or as my children like to refer to them as my 'grandchildren':

This is Bronze, he's a pit bull bully (but you can tell he's got the bulldog folds on him) and he's 4 months old. He's Phiona's best playbite buddy. And that's Jay, my future son-in-law...HINT...HINT.

And below we have my daughter Allie holding Neo, 2 year old French Poodle. He's got the same temperment as Daisy--the 'leave me alone' kind. 

And the last pic is of Daisy's best friend, believe it or not: the 110 or so pound Rottweiller, Triny. She's big but she's just a little ol' pussycat.

So now you guys have pics of the five dogs and there's one more coming but I need to search for Quincy's photo.

Now, just imagine all of these dogs in my office running around while I try to write or edit. Yep...tons of fun!


  1. I love animals!

    My husband's parents refer to our two cats as their Grandkitties.

  2. Sounds like you keep good company! We used to have german shepard when I was little and my mom treated her like a queen- ok ok she deserved it. My dad always used to say if he died he wanted to come back as the dog. :)


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