Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Every year I take the time out to reflect on my blessings of having such a wonderful father and wanted to share with you an excerpt from my essay entitled, "The Driving Force Behind Unconditional Love."

"Under his iron thumb and steely glare, one that could stop you dead in your tracks, you would find yourself blubbering the truth instantly. Especially if he added “missy” or “I am disappointed in you” to his look of knowing before you said a word.

The threat of being spanked or the dreaded slap upside the head loomed more than an actual spanking or slap. The fear was enough to keep me in place. Well for the most part. All through my childhood and into my young adulthood I struggled to break the chains of discipline and rebelled many times. Even in my darkest moments of having the knack in finding trouble, my dad never left my side. His unconditional love always bubbled under the surface. I couldn’t see it at the time, but I know now it was there and still is."
Thank you Dad for not being my friend in childhood, but my friend in adulthood. I'm blessed to have you has my father!
Honor your father today!


  1. Great tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing.


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