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Marvin D. Wilson ~ Beware of the Devil's Hugs Virtual Book Tour

Marvin Wilson and I are members of VBT - Writers on the Move marketing group and I am pleased to host Marvin today, especially since he is in the midst of an additional virtual book tour beyond the scope of VBT. Marvin will be checking in throughout the day, so please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.

Marvin D. Wilson is the author of three published books, I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie), Owen Fiddler, and Between the Storm and the Rainbow. Owen Fiddler has been awarded the prestigious AVATAR award for excellence in spiritual books. Wilson has had articles published in several Ezines, and has been interviewed on hundreds of blogs, radio and TV shows, both over the internet and on the airwaves. A prolific blogger, his internationally popular blog, Free Spirit, was voted first place in the 2008 Book Blogger Appreciation Week award contest, in the Christian/Inspirational Fiction category. His other blog, Tie Dyed Tirades, is also growing in global popularity.

Wilson is a family man, married for thirty three years, with three adult children and six grandchildren. He has been around the block of life several times, through the ups and downs, and has survived in good enough spirits to desire to write about life, to write about living life on purpose. Wilson is a self-described “non-religious, dogma-free, Maverick spiritualist Christian.” He writes books that deliver spiritual and inspirational messages in an engaging, thought provoking, often times humorous, more than often irreverent, sometimes sexy and even ribald way, through the spinning of an entertaining tale.

Marvin D Wilson is an editor with All Things That Matter Press and also does freelance editing.

Synopsis of Beware of the Devil's Hugs:

What if a homeless, smelly, ugly, unkempt old man had a hug so powerful it could cure cancer? Cause a prostitute to stop hooking and seek true love? Shake the demons of addiction free from a junkie? Make a radical terrorist Muslim want to befriend and love a Christian and visa versa? But rare is the beneficiary of his divine embrace รข€“ nobody wants to come near him out of fear.
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Reviews of Beware of the Devil's Hugs are pouring in:
“The story begins with the apparently innocent doings of a bum: but he’s much more than that. He possesses supernatural abilities and plays an important role in a cast of multi-faceted international characters. A planned meeting of a new organization whose goal is to seek peace by diluting religious dogmas is under threat of destruction in an Islamic terrorist plot. With a hostage as leverage, the extremists set their plan in motion using a trusted member of the organization. Will the member fulfill the mission to save his loved ones or be used simply as a decoy in a much broader scheme? Timely and provocative, packed with interracial, erotic and bizarre relationships, this novel keeps the reader in a constant state of suspense.

The author weaves a tale with credibility and realism. I give this book a five-star rating and expect to see it on the bestseller list.”

Review by:
Abe F. March

Author of :
To Beirut and Back
ISBN 1-4241-3853-1

They Plotted Revenge
SBN 13: 978-0-9822722-2-0

Journey Into The Past
ISBN 13: 978-0-9822722-8-2



“Beware the Devil’s Hug has an interesting cast of varied characters from many walks in life. The old smelly homeless man known as simply ‘The Old Man’ or ‘Iam’ is a true gem and the star of this novel. He has been around for more than one hundred years, but none of the other people he is involved with would know, or suspect, that. He wanders the streets and begs for a large portion of this tale. He never seems to let the nasty disposition of some people get him down. Iam also has a wonderful ability to heal, create peace, love, forgiveness, and understanding in the most unlikely of circumstances. I fell in love with him almost from the beginning and even asked the author where I might find my own old smelly homeless saviour.

“The story takes many twists and turns. The characters can be anyone. The lessons learned are humbling, poignant, and apt. There is a little something for everyone regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. It will make you laugh, cry, ponder some of life’s critical questions, and smile. I found it a delightful read. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be entertained and doesn’t mind learning a lesson about humility or introspection along the way.”

– Michelle Malsbury, author, The Swindler, BSBM, MM

Sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the Beware of the Devil's Hugs book trailer:

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Thank you for your time and interest.


  1. Wonderfully done feature post, Donna! Thanks so much, I'll be back later to chat with folks, too. :)

  2. Marvin:

    I'm delighted to host you today. I will be out most of the day at an AAU tournament, but the comments don't need to be monitored.

    Best wishes,

  3. Its always good to hear new things about people's personal lives here in Blogdom. Marv, I did not know you had so many grandkids. I knew you had grown kids because you mentioned them in previous blogs regarding a business venture of sorts. You're one multi-facted guy who looks like he's led a full life. Stay strong my friend.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. This book sounds like something that will allow us all to take a deep look inside of ourselves. I can't wait to read it, and also buy some copies for holiday gifts. I really did enjoy this feature. Thanks for sharing!

  5. FYI, Thought you might like to know there is another Blog Jog Day scheduled for Nov 21st. If you're interested, go to to learn more.
    Have a great day!!!

  6. Stephen, yup, The Old Silly is a confirmed Grandpa, lol - thanks for the 'keep it up' kudos, man!

    Susan, thank you, I know you'll enjoy your Hugs, and getting a couple for gifts also? I LOVE you! (big smile)

    Craig, thanks for stopping by and the heads-up. :)

  7. Marvin, I love the premise of your book. You question is a great 'what if' one.

    And, it is interesting how your learn tidbits about writers here and there - I didn't know you had 6 grandchildren either.:)They're great, aren't they.

    Donna, wonderful post.

  8. Karen - thanks, yes, Hugs is based on one of those classic "what if" scenarios - glad you picked that up.

    And I agree, Donna did a bang-up job, thanks once again!

    Marvin D Wilson

  9. Great reviews Marvin. This book should really take off.

    I retweeted and put it on my facebook page. Way to go!

  10. Great post, Donna! I'm looking forward to reading Marvin's book when I get it. I've been enjoying the tour (and yours as well, Donna)!

  11. It's good to see Marvin getting all of the support he has been getting.

    Tossing It Out


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