Saturday, November 20, 2010

"All Books are Meaningless without the Fans" by Sean Noonan

Welcome to Day 6 of Sean Noonan's National Writing for Children Center's Virtual Book Tour. Today Sean shares with us the:

"All books are meaningless without the fans, the people who want to read the stories and love the characters."
Be assured that you will always be welcome in the Land of Dreams to join in the fun with Elannah, Sam and Friends.
I have to mention two other very special people who are involved in the books, the illustrators. Elannah my daughter, who draws the internal illustrations that work so well with the younger readers; and Victor Guiza the cover artist whose talents are all too obvious both here and in his work with Disney for the Little Mermaid.

The first adventure (Of Lights in the Night: Friends and Festivity - ISBN 978-1432752897) is about fireworks and it introduces us to the characters, Elannah and Sam, Rodger the Badger and Grumphspawn. It is a thrilling spectacle of fantastic fireworks and magic that is only possible in our dreams. All the stories take place in the Land of Dreams and are pure flights of our imagination.

The second book (A First Christmas: Friends and Festivity - ISBN 978-1432760892 ) takes Elannah and Sam on a Christmas Adventure. In this latest adventure, Elannah and Sam discover on Christmas Eve that the Bridge Troll has never celebrated Christmas before. Amazed and dumbfounded they embark on a mission to throw the Christmas Party of all Christmas parties for their friend. But… In the Land of Dreams… who will help them? Where will they find the perfect Christmas tree? What about decorations and lights? How will they manage to gather all the ingredients for the perfect Christmas party in time? Follow Elannah, Sam and their friends through the Mines of Abundance, the Magical Night Flower garden and a terrifying tumble down the side of a mountain as they prepare for the most fantastical Christmas party ever.

I am writing the third book already and have two more pushing to get in line. I am sure that others will follow, after all we never stop dreaming.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow, when Pat McCarthy stops by to share with us her Facebook Fan Page information on Day 6 of her NWFCC Virtual Book Tour.

Thank you for stopping by today and visiting with Sean.

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  1. Sean, how delightful that your daughter illustrated your book. It sounds charming.

  2. What a lovely father-daughter team. I have to get your book for Christmas.

  3. The books sound lovely. This time of year I'm always looking for books for my grandchildren. Glad to hear about yours, Sean.


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