Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review ~ Lily and the City of Light

Title: Lily and the City of Light

Author: Lindsay Bonilla

Illustrator: Alexander Morris

Soft cover: 22 pages

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. / October 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-61633-105-4

E-book ISBN: 978-1-61633-105-1

Ten-year-old Lily’s journey begins at an orphanage within the city limits of Htrae and like many other citizens Lily wonders about the City of Light high up on the hillside. Not to be discouraged by her age or size Lily travels to the outskirts of Htrae to seek out the only man who knows how to get to the City of Light.
The old man willingly shares with Lily his knowledge of the only way to gain entrance to the wonderful city in the distance. And with determination Lily sets out to do what she has been told, to give her heart away. What Lily thought would be an easy task turns into something much more difficult than she ever imagined. Others are not so willing to accept her generous offer and Lily’s frustration turns into despair. Will she learn in time that giving and receiving love is a true sacrifice of the heart?

Children’s author, Lindsay Bonilla brings to life the awe inspiring story of Lily’s quest to find her way out of the darkness and into the City of Light through a heartwarming story which will leave the readers heart open to the joy of love.

Visit the author, Lindsay Bonilla:

Founder and Director -- World of Difference Ltd.

Author -- Lily and the City of Light


  1. Congratulations on your book, Lindsay. It sounds like a delightful story for young readers. Lovely cover, too.

  2. Thanks Beverly! I really appreciate it! The story means a lot to me and I'm so excited to share it with other! Alex did a great job on the cover! I couldn't have been more excited when I saw it!


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