Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Going on in your Neck of the Woods of Writing for Children

In the October/November 2010 Write What Inspires You Newsletter I shared what was going on in my writing career and I am eagerly anticipating on hearing on what's going on in your neck of the woods of writing for children or any other news you want to share.

Join in on this lively discussion of getting caught up with our cyberspace friends and cheering everyone on.

I look forward to hearing from you all!


  1. Not doing much writing right now. Working on some things for church. Making notes here and there of things I want to work on, writing related, after the holidays.

  2. Lots happening out here in CA. My second book, The Princess of Las Pulgas, is officially out and arriving at bookstores and on people's doorsteps who have pre-ordered.

    Am putting the finishing touches on book three. It's slow right now because of the holiday, but I'll wrap it up by the end of Dec.

    Happy Holiday, Donna. I have a non-fiction piece I'm dying to write for Stories for Children. Just have to find the time.

  3. I am busy, busy, busy! I am giving final exams to my students and I have a zillion papers to grade. My level one French students are quietly taking their French final while I writing this note. I love my students! I am also preparing to go to Grand Junction colorado on Friday after work, for a memorial service for my sister in-law who passed away in October. The family opted to do a second service for friends , nephews, neices who were not able to attend the first service in October. Lastly, I am cooking up a storm because my son and daughter arrive home tomorrow night from college. YEA!!. I am making some of their favorite dishes. I will be posting some of my favorite recipes on my site soon .

  4. Great topic, Donna. Let's see, I'm trying to finalize the query and submission to send along my next children's book to Vivian at 4RV Publishing. I'm also trying to consider my goals after winning Picture Book Idea Month in November and having 30 new ideas to work with.

    Nicole, now I know why I haven't heard from yo. LOL! Prayers for a safe journey to Colorado and back home. Enjoy your time with the kiddies.

    cleemckenzie, congrats on the new release. Susanne, get those goals set for 2011 and if you need a push you just let me know.

    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.


  5. Writing is on hold at the moment. Got some other projects I'm working on instead.
    Have a great Christmas, Donna!

  6. I am heartened to hear others say writing is on hold and other parts of life are busy right now as that is what is happening with me. Too much chaos with work, Christmas, family, etc. Feels like writing and that area of my life are on the back burner at the moment. I'm going to focus on goals for moving forward in 2011 when the time comes and let my efforts, when I am able, focus on organization for the upcoming months. Thanks for the great discussion, Donna, and have a wonderful holiday season!


  7. Like others have said, I too am not doing much writing at the moment. It's a busy time in many ways, including promoting books to try to reach as many as possible who are looking for Christmas gifts! Thanks for asking, Donna, and Merry Christmas to you!

  8. It is so interesting to read about the activities of fellow writers. I plan to dust off a non-fiction book for girls, add another interview to it, and begin submitting it to pubs this winter. I also am researching a non-fiction article/book for girls.

  9. Everyone sounds very busy. It's that time of the year. :)

    I'm hoping to finish this draft of my YA story. Also, working on a MG story and checking for last minute changes on another MG that I'll be marketing after the first of the year.

  10. I love reading about other writers. I am busy keeping the blog for Stories for Children Magazine fresh. I have helped with tours of several writers and I edit the posts, etc. I continue to work in the NICU and am making notes for a prayer book for parents who have an infant in the NICU. I also have proofed the final copy of The Cancer Prayer Book which will be released early 2011. Some days are so busy that the only writing that gets done is to pay the bills. Busy time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all your readers. Blessings for a prosperous New Year for us all.


  11. Hello my dear friends:

    My apologies to one and all. I was ko'd by a migraine a few days ago and I'm just beginning to feel better. I listened to my body for once and took the needed time to rest.

    I've read with great interest as to what's going on in your lives and I look forward to staying in touch come the New Year!

    Wishing you all the very best for the remainder of 2010, into 2011, and beyond!

    Warm regards,


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