Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Writer's Life: Dawn Menge

Please welcome children's author, Dawn Menge as she discusses her "Writer's Life." Her experiences and travels are like non-other to create fascinating children's books. Take a moment and visit with Dawn. Dawn will be stopping in throughout the day to interact with our visitors, so take this opportunity to ask your questions.

The Writer's Life with Dawn Menge

To begin writing the next book in my series titled "Queen Vernita Visits the Enchanted Islands" I will travel to the Hawaiin Islands and the Tahataiin Islands. I only include activities or information in my books that I have done first hand. For example during the month that the Queen learns about sharks I will use pictures and information about my experiences swimming with the sharks in Tahataiin and Oahu. When the Queen Learns about sea turtles I can describe my
 experiences snorkeling with sea turtles in Kona Hawaii last week. During my trip to Kona last week I went deep sea fishing for the first time, I actually caught a tuna. It was a small catch but now I have the experiences to share when I begin to write about the month in which Jeff the Sea Captain talks about his experiences deep sea fishing. I also explored and swam in the lava tubes, by experiencing these activities myself I can better express these to my readers. So, needless to say a typical research and writing day for me is filled with adventure.

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  1. Wow, having that kind of first hand experience has to make a difference in your books. Not, to mention an amazing adventure.


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