Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review ~ Horatio Humble Beats the Big "D" by Margot Finke

Title: Horatio Humble Beats the Big “D”

Written by: Margot Finke

Illustrated by: Ellen Gurak

Soft cover: 18 pages

Ages: 5-12

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Print ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-101-6

eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-102-3

Published: November 2010

Print Price: $10.95

eBook Price: $5.00

Math equations and history lessons were a snap for Horatio and he flourished in those classes. Put him in English class and the letters would swirl through his mind making no sense at all. Frustrated to no end, Horatio feared being labeled dumb. Until the day his teacher and parents held a meeting and shared their discoveries. He would need to be taught life skills to control and overcome his Dyslexia.
Children’s author, Margot Finke, brings to the forefront the learning disability dyslexia with expert rhyme and compassion. For one to discover they are not alone, and the wealth of resources available to them, will surely pave the pathway to success.
Ellen Gurak’s delightful illustrations bring Horatio’s story to life and show him overcoming adversity. A helpful parent-teacher guide is included.

Margot Finke’s Books Page: - Autographed books available here.


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Best wishes, Donna M. McDine Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


  1. Great book review. This book is a nice addition to a child's collection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fantastic premise. This sounds a really great book!

  3. Great review. I read Horatio Humble and it's wonderful. It will certainly be a useful tool for parents and teachers to read with children who are dyslexic.


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