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Book Review ~ One Pelican at a Time: A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill by Nancy Stewart

Title: One Pelican at a Time: A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill

Written by: Nancy Stewart

Illustrated by: Samantha Bell

Soft cover: 26 pages

Ages: 7-12

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. / Academic Wings

Print ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-138-2

eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-140-5

Published: February 2011

Print Price: $11.95

eBook Price: $5.00

Compassion and the love for our Earth’s surroundings propel Bella and Britt into action in the wake of the Gulf Oil Spill. Almost immediately dismissed by adults to be of any true assistance in the cleanup efforts because of their young age, the girls continue onward down the beach.

Ignoring the dismissal the girls leap into action when they witness the struggle of one pelican as he fights to break free from the oil infested waters. Are their cries for assistance heard in time and acted upon by those in charge? Or will their one pelican meet an early demise?

Children’s author, Nancy Stewart brings her own love and concern for our natural resources to the forefront in this eye opening and spine tingling story of the ramifications of the Gulf Oil Spill. The author also provides a brief history and listing of resources regarding the Gulf Oil Spill to further spark your interest in protecting our environment.
Samantha Bell’s glorious illustrations depict the story in all its beauty and sorrow, compelling the reader to action and further education in how everyone can make the environment better for all.

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Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


  1. Thanks for the lovely review of Nancy's book. I think it's great she tackles such a tough issue in a way that kids can understand how much of a difference they make.

    Good luck to all who enter the contest.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cheryl and giving your support to Nancy.

    Seems others visited today and left their comments on her interview from yesterday. Thanks everyone!

    I'll be raffling off the names tomorrow from Nancy's two day visit and will announce the winner on Monday morning.

    Have a great weekend and Mother's Day,

  3. Very nice review, Donna. A book to make children aware of what they can do to help protect our environment is a great idea.

    Congratulations, Nancy, on your book.


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