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Children’s author interview, Beth Bence Reinke

As many of my writing friends I met Beth Bence Reinke online throughout the Muse Online Writers Conference several years and I'm thrilled to say Beth's writing career has flourished. I'm pleased to have had a chance to catch up with Beth prior to the release of her latest children's book, Carla’s Cloud Catastrophe.

DMc: Your children’s book career has exploded with two releases in 2010 and now an additional release in 2011. Congratulations! Please share with our readers your

BBR: Thank you, Donna. As you know, I’m a dietitian by training, not a writer. So I took two courses with the Institute of Children’s Literature to learn the craft and the “ins and outs” of writing for kids. I attended writers’ conferences and read books and blogs about writing. Then I began writing for magazines for both children and adults. I learned about 4RV Publishing at the Muse Online Writer’s Conference and submitted a picture book manuscript. To my delight, they accepted it, and eventually two more.

DMc: Please share with us the summaries of your three children’s books.

BBR: In My Bath: A little boy imagines splish-splashing through his bath with various water-loving animals. When I read this book, kids love to act out what the animals are doing and find the yellow duckie on almost every page. Ages 2-6. Spring 2010.

A Wish and a Prayer: Jason’s parakeet flew out a window and is lost. He and his friends try wishing to bring his pet home. Then one night during a thunderstorm, Jason discovers something better than wishing. Ages 4-8. Summer 2010.

Carla’s Cloud Catastrophe: When a weather disaster threatens to shut down the town and ruin Carla’s birthday party, someone has to save the day. A tall tale about the day the clouds fell. Ages 4-8. June 2011.

All three of my children’s books are illustrated by Ginger Nielson and published by 4RV Publishing. They can be purchased from the publisher’s online bookstore, Amazon, B&N online, or ordered from any brick-and-mortar bookstore. Autographed copies are available from Ginger’s website or my website.

DMc: You have also released the devotional Fruit Lovers’ Devotions to Go with a second, Race Fans’ Devotions to Go. Please share the concept and synopsis of both.

BBR: These two books are part of the “Devotions to Go” series from publisher Extreme Diva Media, the women’s division of See Media. There are about 27 books in the series so far. They are pocket-sized, month-long devotionals on a different topics and written by various authors. For example, other titles include Moms of Toddlers DTG, Pink Ribbon DTG and Tea Lovers’ DTG.

Fruit Lovers’ Devotions to Go looks at fruit from two angles: edible fruit and spiritual fruit. I believe these two kinds of fruit help women with two daily struggles we all face - planning healthy meals and being sweet-tempered. I mean, seriously, planning nutritious meals and being “nice” all the time are both really hard! Using scripture, personal stories and fruit recipes, I try to offer women ways to become “fruit-filled” in both body and spirit. This book is available from the publisher and from my website. Amazon has it in both paperback and e-book formats.

Race Fans’ Devotions to Go, which releases in June, is written especially for female NASCAR fans. In the book, I share observations about drivers and racing scenarios, plus tell stories about my experiences at the race track. Each devotion illustrates a similarity between motorsports and life and ends with a “pit stop” – an idea to make the reader’s life more fulfilling. I hope my fellow race fans will find it entertaining and inspiring.

DMc: How did the publishing process differ from your children’s books to your devotional books?

BBR: One difference between the two types of books was in the submission procedures. For the children’s books, I submitted the whole manuscript with a cover letter. The devotional books were a two-step process, requiring proposals first, then the full manuscripts.

Another difference is that my children’s books have an illustrator, Ginger Nielson. So after Ginger completed the illustrations, there was a team approach in proofing the final book file and choosing which images to use for promotion. The publisher, art director, illustrator and author worked together to finalize the book. Ginger’s illustrations have a joyful element to them. I recommend visiting her website or blog - it’s so much fun to look at her work.

DMc: What are you currently working on?

BBR: Right now I have two other picture book manuscripts in the works. One of them is similar to In My Bath but uses a different character and situation. The other is an alphabet book.

I also use my background as a pediatric dietitian to write nutrition articles for ParentLife, a national parenting magazine from LifeWay. Nutrition for kids is one of my passions.

DMc: Where can our readers learn more about you?

BBR: I’d love for folks to visit my website at http://www.bethbencereinke.com/ whenever they have a spare minute.

What a blessing to spend some time on your blog today, Donna. Thanks so much for hosting me. I appreciate each of your readers, too.

Beth, it's been a pleasure and honor interviewing you and reading your latest children's book. Wishing you all the best!

Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


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  2. Excellent interview ladies. I've read Beth's books and they are all wonderful. Her upcoming book is so imaginative.

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Donna, being a guest on your blog today is an honor. I appreciate your support and hope your readers find something interesting in today's post.

  4. Beth is an excellent children's book author and a delight to work with. I love her books, of course.


  5. Very interesting, congratulations on your successes!

  6. Thank you, Damaris, for stopping by today.

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  8. Interesting interview, Donna and Beth. A good read.

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