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An Effective Book Marketing Strategy: Joint Ventures by Karen Cioffi

I am pleased to welcome author and ghostwriter, Karen Cioffi as she visits Write What Inspires You on her MG/YA fantasy virtual book tour for Walking Through Walls.

An Effective Book Marketing Strategy: Joint Ventures

By Karen Cioffi

There is a song, The Power of One, which conveys what one individual can accomplish and/or change. But, how much more effective is the power of two, or five, or ten, or a hundred?

In a technical light, a joint venture (JV) is a partnership between two or more entities for a specific project and for a specified amount of time.

Quoting from, “According to the Commonwealth Alliance Program (CAP), businesses anticipate strategic alliances accounted for 25% of all revenues in 2005, a total of 40 trillion dollars.” So, it’s easy to see this strategy packs a wallop.

This is the concept behind joint ventures for book promotion, and they are very effective.

The idea is to hook up with other authors/writers and participate in JVs. What this means is an author has a new book coming out and wants to reach more than her individual mailing list and social networks, she joins forces with writer friends or acquaintances to promote the book for a ONE DAY Promotional Power-packed Special.

Suppose it’s your new book; you contact one to several authors who might be willing to put your prewritten promo on their sites and social networks, and (THIS IS THE VERY IMPORTANT PART) are willing to provide a freebie or a significant discount on a product or service to any one who purchases your book on that day.

According to book marketing specialists, Brain Judd and Daniel Hall, this has the potential to put your book on Amazon’s TOP HUNDRED list in one or more categories – just for one day’s promo.

Even participating in JVs has promotional benefits. I recently participated in a JV initiated by an author for her new book. For my participation I offered a FREE bonus gift, How to Create an Ebook and What You Can Do With It.

I posted her promo content, along with my own marketing input on it, because I like to show my readers the marketing value in particular posts such as these. I then promoted the post to my social networks.

For a little effort and time, you can increase your visibility and possibly your subscriber list.

To have your participation be more effective, be sure to provide your links and offer your own products within your free JV offering. And, to create added value, you can allow the freebie to be shared, or portions of it reprinted with your tag/bio.

Another scenario for book promotion JVs, in fact a more popular one, is to be approached by publicists. This has happened to me several times and I usually participate for the visibility factor. The publicist will put out a wide reaching call for participants for his client. Obviously, the more on board the greater the promotional reach and punch. But, even on a small scale, this marketing strategy is a gem.


Karen Cioffi is an author and ghostwriter. Her new MG/YA fantasy book, Walking Through Walls, is based on an ancient Chinese tale.

Longing to be rich and powerful, twelve-year-old Wang studies the legend of the mystical Eternals. Certain they are real, he journeys to their temple and begins an apprenticeship with the Eternal Master. There he enters a world of magic where not everything is as it seems, and where he learns the magic formula to ‘walking through walls.’

Walking Through Walls is scheduled to be available by July 15th through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and book stores.

You can also order the book today at:

To learn more about Walking Through Walls, its touring schedule and contest, and purchasing information visit:

To learn more about Karen and her books, visit:

Please be sure to stop by Dianne Sagan’s site ( on July 9th for the next stop on the Walking Through Walls Tour.

Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


  1. Karen:

    Welcome! It's a pleasure to host you today.

    Best wishes,

  2. Interesting article, Karen. Book Tours are also fun! I hope this one works well for you!

  3. Good luck Karen on your tour. What a great story that everyone will enjoy.

  4. Donna, Thank you so much for being a part of my book tour for Walking Through Walls!

  5. Nancy, Thanks so much for stopping by. Not too sure about the fun part of touring, but they sure are a lot of work! :)

    Renee, Thank your for stopping by and for the wonderful review.

  6. Oh, Donna, I wanted to thank you again for your great review!

  7. Walking Through Walls printing hit a snag, but it will be out next week sometime.


  8. Just making my stop on the tour, Karen & Donna.

    It's going great!

    Any who'd like to see the book's trailer, follow this link to YouTube:

    Aidana WillowRaven
    illustrator & cover artist for 'Walking Through Walls'

  9. I've recommended asking friends to help with promotion since the first edition of The Frugal Book Promoter ( was issued. Even to the extent of asking friends who live out of town to host book signings for a launch--or at least to let you crash at their home after you've set one up at a bookstore. (-:


    PS: BTW, the new edition of TFBP will be out in August. Karen and Donna, you are the first to know. (-:

  10. Some really wonderful advice here! Definitely going to pass this around to some of my writer friends. Good luck on the rest of your tour.

  11. Donna, thanks for hosting Karen.

    Terrific advice, Karen. Good luck with the book.

  12. Vivian, Thanks for the heads-up.

    Aidana, thanks for stopping by!
    Here's a clickable link to the trailer:
    Walking Through Walls Book Trailer

    Carolyn, thanks so much for stopping by. And, looking forward to the revised TFGP!

  13. V.R., thanks for stopping by; I'm so glad you found the article useful. JVs are a great way to create more visibility.

    Barbara, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you also found the article helpful.

  14. Great article. You are teaching us all something well worth learning. Thanks, mate.

    Margot’s Magic Carpet
    Books With a WOW Factor

  15. Thank you one and all for stopping by and supporting Karen.

    Karen, my pleasure!

    Have a great weekend,

  16. What a great post and so full of information. Karen you always seems to inspire and motivate us writers.

    Wishing you all the success in the world.

  17. Margot, thanks so much for stopping by. I love listening to marketing teleseminars; I always pick up some useful tips that I can share.

    Virginia, thanks so much for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words!

    Thank you all for your support; it's truly appreciated!And, as Ellen would say, "Back at ya!"

  18. Very good advice, Karen. I'm saving this. Good luck with your tour.

  19. Beverly, thanks so much for following along! I'm glad you found the article useful.

  20. In other words, a book blog tour! Always effective for spreading the word.

  21. Great post, Karen and Donna! When one of my friends gets a book deal or their book comes out, I'm so excited for them. I often blog about it, post it on FB and even tweet it on occassion. It's like being a part of their success...I get a great feeling from spreading the word about them. :)

  22. Diane, Yep a book tour. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Sharon, it's so nice that you do that for your friends; I'm sure the appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


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