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A to Z Challenge: J is for Jellyfish

Jellyfish Stings: First Aid Tips

By Donna M. McDine
While swimming in the ocean you may come across a jellyfish.  If you do, beware.  Not all jellyfish are poisonous.  There are over 2,000 different species of jellyfish and only about 70 can harm humans.  Since you probably won’t be able to tell the difference without studying the different species, avoid jellyfish in the ocean or washed up on shore.  The tentacles can brush up against you in the water and sting you.   Even if you find one on the sand don’t touch it!  If the tentacles are still wet you can get stung. 

If you get stung:

ü  Get out of the water immediately and rinse the tentacles off with seawater. 

ü  Seek out first aid from a lifeguard (they are trained to help you) or from an adult. 

ü  Before attempting to remove any remaining tentacles, wrap your hand in a towel to prevent further stinging.

ü  Do not rub the stung area.

ü  Do not flush the sting with water, this could release more poison. 

ü  Instead, flush the wound with vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

ü  If meat tenderizer is available, pour it into your hand and add some water to make a paste.  Smear it onto the stung area.  This will breakdown the proteins that make-up the jellyfish poisons and you will be feeling better in no time. 

ü  It is important to keep the area that was stung, still so that the toxins do not spread further throughout the body.  

ü  If you have an allergic reaction, consult with a doctor. 

Jellyfish appear harmless as they drift through the sea, but their sting can pack quite a punch.  This is one “fish” it’s best not to catch nor touch.

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  1. Good post--and important. I've read that global warming is helping the popultions around the world grow. May be an ongoing problem everywhere...

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for stopping by, your support is appreciated!

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  3. Great info, Donna! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Donna..good to see your advice I could have done with something similar when I was swimming in the Red Sea many years ago, but it would have been advice on how to extract the sines of coral from my hands..

  5. Karin and Ernie:

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    Ernie, Yikes that must have hurt!

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  6. Yep Donna, I had to hike back to the kibbutz I was working on and wait for the nurse to come off duty, she was a soldier and then she plucked them out one by one..hurt like ........but how could I grimace when she was picking shrapnel out of colleagues!!

  7. Hi Donna! Interesting information about jellyfish. I had no idea that there were over 2,000 different species. I definitely wouldn't want to get near any of them, for fear of getting stung.



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