Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quilt

Inspired by the quilts from the Underground Railroad as to how they were used like a road map for the slaves to travel to freedom, I'm pleased to share with you...

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Now You Can Make a Beautiful Pieced Quilt That You, Your Family and Friends Will Love Even If You Have Never Used a Sewing Machine Before.
Ramona Dunn is an educator whose hobby of sewing and quilting over the last 35 years has created beautiful one of a kind heirloom quilts. She holds a diploma with honors in Sewing and Dressmaking from the Stratford Career Institute. She is the proud owner of her own online fabric and quilting web site called Those Cotton Pickin' Fabrics. Ramona has created this eight step quilting book with the beginning quilter in mind.
This step by step quilting guide will give the beginning quilter a solid foundation in quilting techniques. Some more advanced tips and techniques are also introduced throughout this book. This book is sure to become one of your favorite reference books.
Visit Ramona Dunn today for further details on her step-by-step book, How to Do Quilting in 8 Easy Steps and sign-up for her FREE newsletter Cotton Pickin' Fabrics.  

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  1. I'd never heard of quilting until a read/red an American romance story that was written round this hobby/gift.
    I think it's a beautiful way to portray history in all its shades.

  2. H Donna! I've always wanted to make a quilt. I've seen some very beautiful ones over the years.

  3. I can barely darn socks, but my aunt always made beautiful quilts. I still have three she made for me.


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