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10 Top Children's Books That Activates Child's Creativity

10 Top Children's Books That Activates Child's Creativity

by Pam Johnson

Children, for the most part, are known for having more imagination than adults. Some may think that this would directly correlate to having a strong sense of creativity, but this is not necessarily the case. It is important that, from a very young age, parents introduce their children to creativity. One great way to do this is through the use of books. Not only is writing one form of art, but these books also generally have illustrations to inspire young children. In addition to the writing and illustration, some books have an art-focused plot and are even better for a child's path to creativity. The following list is of 10 books that are great beginnings to your child's creative conquests:

1. A Book About Color written by Mark Gonyea: This book is great because it is art-focused. It give a background on basic color use, as well as tips on general art and design practices.

2. Popville written by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud: As the title might give away, this book is about the popular art movement, pop art. This movement was started in the 1950's and was incredibly iconic, making it a great place for children to start learning.

3. The Art Lesson written by Tomie dePaola: This book paints a picture, both with words and images, of the tale of a young boy named Tommy. It tells of Tommy's journey through learning art techniques, first at home and then at school. This can help motivate children to take the same path as young Tommy.

4. Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook written by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer: This book is great because it introduces children to a different form of art: writing. Writing is an important skill that all children will eventually need to have. Introducing them to writing at an early age makes them more likely to excel in it later in life.

5. Scribbles: A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book written by Taro Gomi: This book is unique because of its interactive nature. The book is a large coloring book that also has a story line. Readers are encouraged to decorate, and even sometimes finish, pages in the book.

6. Harold and the Purple Crayon written by Crockett Johnson: This book stimulates the imagination of children and shows them how creativity can be a result of that imagination, even if all you have is a large purple crayon.

7. Not a Box written by Antoinette Portis: This book once again plays up the imagination of children. In this book specifically children are presented with the idea that they don't need anything more than a box to have fun.

8. The Dot written by Peter Reynolds: This book promotes creativity of those who think they have none. It encourages them to try to make art, and shows that they can, in fact, come up with something.

9. Georgia O'Keeffe written by Linda Lowery: As Georgia O'Keeffe was an incredibly influential painter, her background is inspiring.

10. Willow written by Cyd Moore: This book gives insight to the fact that all art is not made the same.

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