Thursday, December 13, 2012

Children's Book: Birds in the Flower Basket by Mary Jean Kelso

Just in the time for the Christmas season! Do you have a young girl on your Christmas list? Give the gift of a charming children's book today. 

About Birds in a Flower Basket: Abbi’s mother struggles to keep her flowering plant alive while birds raise their family in it. This gives Abbi a valuable lesson on how birds create a nest and raise their young. It is a learning experience from identifying the birds through watching the young hatchlings grow and take wing.

Suggested age for readers: 2-8

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  1. That sounds so sweet! Hope all is well with you, Donna.

  2. Looks like a story just right for young readers. Congratulations, Mary Jean. Best of luck.

  3. What a lovely story for the little ones. Thanks for the review Donna, and Mary Jean, I wish you great success. Happy writing all.

  4. The little girls on your Christmas list will surely love this. It sounds adorable and the cover is too!

  5. Delightful picture book, with lovely illustrations. Congrats to both Mary Jean and Julie. Birds in the Flower Basket will make a wonderful holiday gift.

    I added this to my Pinterest REVIEW board.

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  6. Lovely book! The review is terrific. So glad I visited.


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