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Hockey Agony and Powder Monkey by Donna McDine - Book Review Endorsements

Book reviews are essential in promoting your book, but before your book is published don't forget to reach out to fellow author's to obtain an endorsement to include on your back cover. Several of my colleagues bestowed me the honor of endorsing my two latest children's books, Hockey Agony and Powder Monkey.

“Hockey Agony is a great lessoned learned for kids, really of all ages. I love the illustrations and love the message.”
~ Debra Beck, Empowered Teens and Parents ~

“Hockey. What can be more exciting than that? And the agony starts right away. Larry’s leg is broken and he can’t play. Will he get a chance to join in the game? Not if Peter shows off his fast skate moves when he takes over Larry’s position. And what about Coach Brennan? Is he on Larry’s side…or against him? The action is fast-paced. The drama is real. Every reader will relate. Author Donna M. McDine’s new chapbook for tweens, Hockey Agony, is sure to deliver. Just in time to provide a great read for boys and hockey fans everywhere!

~ Nancy I. Sanders, bestselling and award-winning children’s author of Challenge on the Hill of Fire and Frederick Douglass for Kids ~

Danger. Hardship. Cannon blasts. And whips. Stolen violently into service as a boy who delivers powder to the cannons during a battle, young Tommy never sees his parents again. What adventures await him? Donna M. McDine’s book, Powder Monkey, moves quickly through tense action scenes to portray realistic life during this dangerous era on the high seas.
~ Nancy I. Sanders, bestselling and award-winning children’s author of Challenge on the Hill of Fire and Frederick Douglass for Kids ~

The saga of an age gone by, Donna McDine’s Powder Monkey, ably captures the essence of what some young boys endured as impressed sailors. With pathos and honesty, this historically accurate account of Tommy Kitt’s struggle to stay alive at sea, is a testimony to the author’s prowess as a storyteller.

~ Nancy Stewart, Award-winning and Amazon best-selling children’s author ~

Debra Beck, Nancy Sanders, and Nancy Stewart... thank you...I am eternally grateful for your time and endorsements!


Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
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Powder Monkey ~ May 2013 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Hockey Agony ~ January 2013 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
~ Literary Classics Silver Award and Seal of Approval, Readers Favorite 2012 International Book Awards Honorable Mention and Dan Poynter's Global e-Book Awards Finalist


  1. Congratulations on your newest books, Donna. You're so right about the importance of reviews. Best of luck to you.

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    Thanks so much! Hope you are well.

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