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Book Review: Captain Courage and the World’s Most Shocking Secret – Book 2 by Stacey Marshall

Title: Captain Courage and the World’s Most Shocking Secret – Book 2
Written by: Stacey Marshall
Illustrated by: Michelle Morse
Pages:  15
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
e-Book ISBN: 978161633438
Soft cover ISBN: 9781616334321
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616334314
Published: October 2013

Principal Magico, aka Captain Courage, is back in all his colorful glory. The tables have turned on Captain Courage, his stomach is full of butterflies and his bizarre dreams take over his brow sweating stage fright. Always the avenger of squashing the fears of others he is in his own dilemma in how to squash his own fears.

Unwittingly he enlists the advice of several students and a teacher of how to overcome one’s fears without the world knowing. Will Captain Courage take the advice of others that strangely sounds like the advice he has dished out time and time again? Or will he let his imagination and the what if’s get in the way of the first principal in years to perform at the annual talent show?

Found out in Captain Courage and the World’s Most Shocking Secret – Book 2 by Stacey Marshall.   

Stacey Marshall expertly brings forth that no matter how old you are, fear of the unknown can creep in at any time. It’s the way we deal with it shows our true character around us. Visit Stacey at

The alluring illustrations created by Michelle R. Morse makes Captain Courage and the World’s Most Shocking Secret a true keepsake. Visit Michelle at


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  1. Oh, yeah. Those what ifs plague most of us at times, I imagine. Now, I'm curious to see how the story turns out. Nice review, Donna. Congratulations on your book, Stacey.

  2. Good review, Donna. The cover is delightful.


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