Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014 - Thanks Dad!

(My father, John and I on my wedding day 25 years ago this August 5th)

With all the talk of the latest Star Wars now in filming it brings back fond memories of my childhood. I was obsessed with Darth Vader and made a Halloween costume with my mother. 

Congers Pool on Gilchrest was holding a Halloween parade and my father took my twin sister and I to march. The parents stood along the parade route, all jockeying for a spot for a clear visual of their child marching proudly. The parade started alongside the building overlooking the old nature trail, we followed the dirt path down alongside Congers Lake. There were so many participants I got separated from my twin sister, Debbie and I was riddled with anxiety toward the end of the parade route. How would my father find me with all these people? Would I remember the way home, if I had to walk? Where the heck was Debbie? Was she as scared? 

Tears streamed down my cheeks, luckily I had the Darth Vader mask on so no one could see me wilting with fear. To this day I remember with goosebumps on my arms seeing my dad through the crowd as we made our way up the hill toward the porch of the building. Standing tall and lean in his typical black slacks and white collared dress shirt. He seemed to stand taller than anyone else. Even though I'm sure everyone probably stood just as tall. 

To this day, my father has never left my side, always my biggest cheerleader and supporter. Thanks dad for never giving up on me, even through my dreaded teenage years! 

I love you up to the stars and beyond! You are the wind beneath my wings!


Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Multiple Award-winning Children's Author

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  1. Hi, Donna. A wonderful Father's Day post about your dad.

  2. Hi Susanne,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!


  3. What a lovely picture and beautiful bride. Fathers sure know how to calm a frightened child. I was a daddy's girl. My dad was my hero.

  4. Thanks! It's hard to believe it's been almost 25 years since my wedding day. Dad is still with us and thriving at 79. We are blessed :)


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