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Marnie Lester Visits Write What Inspires You!

The connections are never ending through cyberspace and I'm delighted to welcome guest author, Marnie Lester to Write What Inspires You! Marnie's article is an inspirational piece that will have you viewing the world through different eyes… 

Lyrics, Prose, Life and Love
By Marnie Lester

Life inspires me, the beating of my heart, the flow of air in and around me. The very fibre of existence, what makes each of us unique and divine. The people I touch, the pain I feel, the joy that makes every day a blessing. This is what inspires me to write.

The words of a song or an aria that stirs my soul and lifts me to heights unimagined or plunges me to equal lows.

A poem that is music to my heart, a magical blending of language and sound that sing in my ears and in my soul.

It is a deep, abiding love that can only be felt by two souls connected over time and distance. When one person is your rock, your pride, your joy, your mentor and your best friend. It is the deep and maternal love I feel for the characters I create. The love of watching them grow and evolve as my story grows.

I am inspired by all that I see, that I feel and that I love. Sometimes a phrase catches my ear. Sometimes an image moves me in a deep and profound way that I cannot explain. Sometimes I wake in the night with my head full of thoughts and images. This is when I cannot wait to sit down at my computer again and see what flows from these thoughts.

Writing is a release, it is a means of understanding myself; it is food and air to me, I could not live without it.

Marnie Lester lives in rural Victoria with her partner, best friend and soulmate. She is an ex-nurse who always wanted to be a writer. Her novel Ariel’s Charm has recently been released. She is currently writing the sequel.

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Marnie, thanks for visiting today. It was a treat to host you! 


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  1. What a lovely interview, Donna. I look forward to reading your work, Marnie.


    1. Karin,

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting with Marnie. Inspiring article!



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