Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group Monthly Post - #IWSG

It's time to celebrate, it's already March 4th and you know what that means... Spring is on it's way! Yippee! 

To celebrate even further, it's the first Wednesday of the month and it's #IWSG day!! 

Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!

Our Twitter hashtag is #IWSG
The awesome co-hosts for the March 4 posting of the IWSG will be Chemist Ken, Suzanne Sapseed, and Shannon Lawrence!

For my post this month, I'm not chatting about my writing insecurities, I'm chatting about a cause near and dear to my heart...

Numerous studies from both government and the private sector provide clear evidence that early reading skills are an investment in a child's future. Early reading skill development dramatically affects the quality of life for children as they grow into adulthood. Sadly, a recent article by Carole Dickerson on the Journal Standard website quoted a local social worker who stated that many of the parents in the homes she visits do not own a single children's book.  

This is quite shocking to me and in response, I am announcing a children's book drive within my county to support the Rockland County Department of Social Services. I encourage other authors of children's books to do the same or if you have gentle used children's books to please donate to the book drive.

I invite those interested in donating to contact me directly at

In my opinion, "the bare essence of learning to read opens up the world of exploration to a child. Across the curriculum it is imperative children grow in their reading capability so success in their classes can be had. Without the fundamentals it is very difficult to progress successfully."

"I believe in ‘paying it forward.' That one book donation may be all it takes to make a difference in a child’s life. By encouraging the love of reading in our young muses their look of wonder as they bubble with excitement on their next reading journey swells my heart."

I urge you to join me in my quest to ignite curiosity in children through reading by donating to the Rockland County Department of Social Services book drive.

A big shout out goes to... Beverly Stowe McClureMelissa AbramovitzPenelope Anne ColeEmma GloverSharon Stanley, Terri Martin, Denise Stanley and Barbara Keahon for their generous donations! Thanks ladies...we are off to a terrific start! 

Deadline for donations April 30, 2015. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

P.S. I will comment back to visitors and visit with fellow #IWSG members once I return from work today! 


Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
Multi Award-winning Children's Author

Ignite curiosity in your child through reading!

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  1. Now that's a worthy cause. No children's books in the home? What a shame. I will announce your book drive in my next post.

  2. :( I couldn't imagine my childhood without books. Definitely a worthy cause. I'll see what I have at my parents house. We donate a lot of our old books to the library, but there may be a few gems left!

  3. I love book drives! If only I was where you are. I'd donate, volunteer, and buy. :)

  4. Great post and those book drives sound fun.

  5. Reading is so important for learning. I read with all my kids when they were young and we shared books as they got older. Good luck with the book drive. What a very worthy cause!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and for your warm words of support, much appreciated!

  6. We were foster parents for four years, so I can believe that. I would be happy to donate some books.

    1. How lovely for you to donate to my book drive. I contact you via email with the details. :)

  7. I just can't imagine a home without children's books, I used to love reading to our kids at bedtime - nothing like it!
    IWSG Co-host in March :)

    1. I agree full heartedly. Absolutely adored the times of snuggling up with a good book. Thanks for co-hosting IWSG this month! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. What a wonderful idea! I hope you find great success with it. How sad to not have any children's books. One of my writing groups donates a book to every child at a low income elementary school in the city each year for Christmas. I save them up throughout the year so I can donate several. They absolutely adore getting books.

    1. How lovely of you! We truly appreciate your support! I will email you privately. Thanks a bunch!


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