Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#IWSG - Insecure Writer's Support Group Post -

Another month has flown by and it's time for the writer's in the Insecure Writer's Support Group to post about our insecurities.

In the words of our fearless leader, Alex Cavanaugh...

When posting for IWSG day, remember to stay on topic – either post about your insecurities, struggles, or challenges or post something of encouragement for other writers. Most important – be sure to visit other IWSG members! This day is about coming together for support and encouragement.

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Today, I'd like to chat offering words of encouragement. I know I have allowed myself one too many times to second guess my path of writing when I don't get a good old, "way to go!" from someone that is riding the roller coaster ride of writing and publishing. 

A simple act of giving a few words of encouragement go a long way. When you share your positive words of someone's accomplishments or struggles, watch them stand a wee bit taller when you offer your encouragement. 

Something as simple as saying...

"good job" 

"I'm here for you" 

"I like how you are developing this scene, may I offer a suggestion" 

will often change a person's self-doubt to a positive. Try it, today and everyday and brighten someone's day!

Thanks for visiting and commenting. You have certainly brightened my day! 


Best wishes,
Donna M. McDine
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  1. Well said, Donna! We might be that one word of encouragement that spurs that person to continue.

    1. Alex, I'm delighted my post has resonated with you!

  2. A little encouragement goes a long way for us writers.

    1. Patricia, most definitely and in other aspects of our lives!

  3. Replies
    1. Deborah, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the advice!

  4. Encouragement definitely goes a long way and I think it makes the world a better place to live. :)

    1. Tyrean, Amen to that! If people were more encouraging to one another and not so negative the ripple effect of kindness would be endless!

  5. I live to give people that word or phrase of encouragement. Some have said wifey and I have that gift. That's the best compliment we could get.

    Stephen Tremp
    November 2015 IWSG Co-host

  6. While I'm out about town taking care of my responsibilities, I make it a point to offer a stranger a genuine compliment. I truly believe the unexpected, unsolicited compliments resonate the deepest. And yes, those writing compliments are no different.

  7. I think we all need encouragement. This is such a good reminder to let people know they've done well.

  8. Very good reminder, Donna. A smile, a few kind words, compliments, encouragements can change a person's day. Thanks.


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