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What People are Saying About Dee and Deb Off They Go ~ Kindergarten First Day Jitters

What people are saying....

An adorable story of twin sisters and their first day of kindergarten. They are in separate classrooms and are concerned who they will have to share their secrets and to play with. Dee meets a girl named Casey in her class, and after a fun day with her, shares with Deb about her day and learns about Deb's day as well.

There are no more than one or two sentences on each page, which makes for easy reading. The illustrations are bright and beautiful. I hope the author will share more of Dee and Deb's adventures with us in the future. ~ Teresa Kander, Amazon reviewer


Award-winning author Donna M. McDine has written an adorable picture book about the first day of kindergarten. She uses her first hand knowledge (having a twin sister of her own) to share what it might be like for separated twins on the first day of kindergarten. 

Many kids have fears regarding the first day of school, but this first day of school is especially worrisome for twins Dee and Deb. 

Deb and Dee head off for their first day of kindergarten together, but become separated when Dee goes to the K1 classroom and Deb goes to K2.

The rest of the book centers on Dee and her fears of being lost and alone without her twin sister for back up. But as usually is the case, Dee makes a friend, and the day flies by. Reunited at the end of the school day, Dee and Deb have so much more to talk about with their own accounts and experience of the day. And Dee can hardly wait for tomorrow.

The colorful and contagious illustrations are provided by Jack Foster.

He shows not just the similarities between the twins (their too-cute pigtails and matching outfits), but also their differences (Dee and Deb must be fraternal twins.) 

A truly entertaining book for any child embarking on the journey to kindergarten. ~ Suzanne Puvis, author of Destined for Deception

Thank you Teresa and Suzanne.... I appreciate your time and interest! 


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  1. Great reviews for a great story. Deb and Dee are lovely characters.

  2. I understand the first day jitters, but mostly from a parent's point of view. I can't remember mine when I was only five. Cute characters.

  3. Such a cute cover! I'm sure the book will be awesome!


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