Wednesday, July 1, 2009

VBT - Writers on the Move - July 1st Author Tour

VBT – Writers on the Move is happy to announce the following July 1st tour schedule:

Harry Gilleland to host Heather Paye at:

Karen Cioffi to host Linda Asato at:

Kathy Stemke to host Carolyn Howard-Johnson at:

Lea Schizas to host Harry Gilleland at:

Nancy Famolari to host Helena Harper at:

Vivian Zabel to host Crystalee Calderwood at:

Crystalee Calderwood to host Mayra Calvani at:

Katie Hines to host Dorothy Massey at:

Dorothy Massey to host Gayle Trent at:

Liana Metal to host Anita Yasuda at:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson to host Karen Cioffi at:

VS Grenier to host Kathy Stemke at:

Helena Harper to host Marvin Wilson at:

Gayle Trent to host Liana Metal at:

Mayra Calvani to host Lea Schizas at:

Marvin Wilson to host Nancy Famolari at:

Anita Yasuda to host Vivian Zabel at:

Linda Asato to host Margaret Fieland at:

Heather Paye to host VS Grenier at:

Be sure to stop by on July 1st and read about their writing careers. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to ask your questions. Each author will be on hand throughout the day to answer your questions. Thanks for stopping by.

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