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How To Get Published by Working Writer’s Coach Suzanne Lieurance

You dream the day of becoming a published writer, but with all the wealth of information available at your fingertips where do you begin?

Suzanne Lieurance, the Working Writer’s Coach is pleased to share with you her article entitled, “How Do You Get Published?” which is sure to set you on the right path for your freelance writing career.

A sneak peak…

“If you want to be published immediately and you aren’t set on print publications or payment, offer to be a guest blogger for a popular blog centered around a topic you know something about. Blogging for a popular site is a good way to gain immediate publication. If it’s a commercial site, your post can also make a nice publication credit. Just print out a copy of the page that featured your post.

If you want to write for print publications, start with a no-pay or low-pay market. Many of these will be for small, local and/or regional publications – tabloid type papers, newsletters, and magazines that serve your neighborhood, town, city, or region. Even though you’ll earn little or no payment with these publications, you’ll still gain your first publication credit. Plus, you’ll gain some experience working with an editor.

If you’ve written a novel or a nonfiction book and you want to have it published by a traditional publisher, there are several ways to do that. First, look for an agent, even though it’s usually just as difficult to secure an agent as it is to find a publisher. Still, a good agent knows the markets…”

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About Suzanne Lieurance

Suzanne Lieurance is a children’s writer with (at last count) 23 published books for children. She was also an instructor with the Institute of Children’s Literature (located in West Redding, Connecticut) for over 8 years. As The Working Writer’s Coach, Lieurance helps people who love to write become “working” freelance writers and make a living doing what they love to do best.

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