Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Feet Aren't Ugly by Debra Beck

My Feet Aren't Ugly ~ Excerpt From the Revised & Updated Edition

"When I was bullied I felt like an outcast, someone who no one would ever care about or didn’t even know existed. I feel bad for kids who get bullied and I actually feel badly for the bully because obviously they have problems. Overall it’s not a good situation, but it does inspire me to be nicer to others, for sure."

Think about how bad it would feel if you thought no one cared about you. School is hard enough without having to worry about the kids in school picking on you. This teen actually was showing compassion for the bully, saying she felt sorry for the bully because she realizes the bully must have big problems to treat others that way. She says it inspires her to be nicer to others. If you're a bully, really think about why you are treating other kids this way, and see if you might want to change that about your self.

If you are being mean to others it affects you too. It lowers your self esteem because when we treat others poorly, we know deep down that we aren't being a good person. If we aren't a good person, we aren't going to like ourself, if we don't like ourself, guess what? It effects our self esteem. I really encourage you to take a good look at who you are and if you are bullying others at all, ask yourself why and then ask yourself if you might want to stop. We get back what we put out in the world, is that the kind of treatment you want coming back to you? I didn't think so. If we were all nice to each other, wouldn't the world be a much nicer place to be? I think so too.

Keep Loving Yourself, Debra

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Teen and parenting mentor Debra Beck, who has spent over 20 years working with teens and parents, is a devoted mother, sought-after presenter, and author. She now runs her popular parenting website,, publishes the “Empowered Teens and Parents” e-zine, encourages girls to be the best “young women” possible, and gives moms and dads the understanding they need to help their girls mature with pride and confidence. Her award-winning book “My Feet Aren’t Ugly: A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out”, has been revised and updated for re-release in September 2011 with Beaufort Books.

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Donna M. McDine
Award-winning Children's Author
The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

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