Friday, September 2, 2011

Working Writer’s Club Member, Scott Skibell Presents Informational Videos Offering Tips for Improving the Quality of YOUR videos

With the ever evolving technology at our fingertips how can we navigate to what works best and how we can implement it into our marketing campaign? Not sure where to turn? Have no fear; Scott Skibell of Skill Casting is here to help.

Visit the Working Writer’s Club FREE resource directory today and view Skibell’s informational videos so you too can start creating your business videos:

• Showing your passion to connect with your viewers

• Are expensive CAM recorders necessary? Use a Smartphone.

• Jing: Recording Your Monitor and Create Simple Movies

About Scott Skibell

Scott Skibell has been in the training & development industry for over 20 years. He has worked with all sorts of SME’s, otherwise known as subject matter experts. And has helped dozens and dozens of people take what they know, and turn it into useful training and communications.

A self proclaimed geek, he sees the possibilities of tools & technology. He connects the dots and can’t program to save his life. Fortunately these days, we don’t need to. The tools are within the non-programmers grasp. And probably most importantly, Skibell likes teaching others how to use the tools so they can move forward.

He lives in the heartland of America with his wife and two daughters. He’d say a pretty normal life. So even though he may worry about things like college education for his daughters, retirement, healthcare, and employment, he sees tremendous opportunity in helping others.

And besides, employment is misleading. Job security is the confidence in your skills & abilities to add value and to be compensated for it – whether working for yourself or others

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