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Indie-Debut 2010 – Tops off Small Press Month with Additional Exciting Events



M E D I A  R E L E A S E

CONTACT: Amy Allgeyer Cook, Author


For Immediate Release

Indie-Debut – Tops off Small Press Month with Additional Exciting Events

March is quickly coming to an end and Indie-Debut 2010 is topping off the celebration of Small Press Month with additional exciting events. Stop by for a spell and join in the hot top discussions, spotlight profiles, and interviews with players and shakers in the independent publishing world.

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Highlights for the remaining of March 2010:

Monday, March 22:

SPOTLIGHT: Lori Calabrese and Giveaway: Fabulous Follower Prize: Become a follower of our blog, twitter, and FB and be entered to win an Indie-Debut 2010 Gift Shower (a copy of each members favorite small press book, or a little something that represents our own book, or something particular to our area of the country (like local candies)

Tuesday, March 23:

INTERVIEW: Lisa Cottrell-Bentley Interview by Lori Calabrese

Wednesday, March 24:

DISCUSSION: E-books and Indie-Press: what could the future hold?

Thursday, March 25:

INTERVIEW: Indie Bookstore Interview with Jo Ramsey

Friday, March 26:

SPOTLIGHT: Beth Reinke and Announcement of the Winner

Monday, March 29:

SPOTLIGHT: Danika Dinsmore

Tuesday, March 30:

INTERVIEW: Stacey Whitman of Tu Press by Danika Dinsmore

Monday, March 31:

DISCUSSION: Life with a small press: A realistic picture

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Indie-Debut 2010: Member Spotlight ~ Donna McDine

Indie-Debut 2010: Member Spotlight ~ Featuring Donna M. McDine.

I invite you to visit and learn all about what this group of talented authors have to offer.

Intuitive interviews, hot discussion topics, excerpts of soon to be released books, and member spotlights is a brief sampling of what this dynamic group has to offer.

Take the time out today and visit and be sure to leave a comment on the posting of your desire.

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Reality and Spiritual Words Blend - Book Review - Connection by Jo Ramsey

Reality and spiritual worlds come together for 14-year-old Shanna Bailey in Connection by Jo Ramsey. Visit The National Writing for Children Center today and read my book review at

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Indie-Debut – Continues to Celebrate Small Press Month


CONTACT: Amy Allgeyer Cook, Author


For Immediate Release

Indie-Debut – Continues to Celebrate Small Press Month

The celebration of Small Press Month continues at Indie-Debut 2010

Even if you missed the first week of exciting events, do not fret, our goal at the Indie-Debut 2010 continues to provide intuitive interviews, hot discussion topics, excerpts of soon to be released books, and contests. Come on over and participate in lively discussions and learn more about the latest giveaway. You will not be disappointed.

Highlights for the week of March 14, 2010:

Mon, March 15:


QUESTION OF THE WEEK GIVEAWAY: Do you feel small presses are the wave of the future? Join in the discussion by leaving a comment be automatically entered to win a First Chapter Critique by Indie-Debut Authors.

Tues, March 16:

Jupiter Gardens with Jo Ramsey

Wed, March 17:

ST. PATRICK'S DAY PROMPT: What would you want to see in the Leprechaun's pot?

DISCUSSION: Where do you prefer to purchase your books? Online, the big guys...Barnes Noble, etc., or Independently Owned Bookstores? Join in the discussion by leaving a comment be automatically entered to win a First Chapter Critique by Indie-Debut Authors.

Thurs, March 18:

INTERVIEW: Lisa Cottrell-Bently and Wright on Time by Lori Calabrese

Fri, March 19:

SPOTLIGHT: Donna McDine and announcement of the First Chapter Critique Winner

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantasy and Reality Collide with the Expert Talent of Jo Ramsey

2010 Debut Author, Jo Ramsey takes the reader on a an exceptional journey of fantasy and reality through the eyes of Shanna Bailey and brings to life and together two characters who help each other through their darkest moments. Come along for this fascinating interview with Ms. Ramsey and be prepared to be mesmerized.

DMc: Your background is in special education. Do you use your experience from teaching in your writing?

JR: Somewhat. When I write YA, I try to write so that kids with reading difficulties would still be able to read and enjoy the story. And I’ve used my experiences in high school to create some parts of the stories.

DMc: You have a book signing scheduled for March 13th in Massachusetts; please share with us the details.

JR: I’ll be at the Winthrop Book Depot in Winthrop Massachusetts on March 13 from 10-1. In addition to signing books, I’ll have some giveaways and prize drawings, and a representative from the Second Step violence prevention program is scheduled to be there with some information about the program, since bullying and tolerance is one of the themes of Connection.

DMc: Connection is the first of ten in the Reality Shifts series. Please share with us a synopsis of the series as a whole.

JR: Shanna Bailey and Jonah Leighton have always been outcasts. When they found each other, they became friends almost immediately. Jonah has studied energy healing, channeling, and yoga since childhood, and teaches these things to Shanna. Using their healing and channeling skills, they have to counter demons, malevolent dead spirits, and other entities to prevent an entity from a separate reality from migrating to our universe, since the energetic backwash from that migration would vaporize our world. Meanwhile, Shanna’s entire life changes as she deals with abuse from her mother and incidents from her past.

DMc: Now that your readers know about your Reality Shifts series please share the inspiration behind the first book Connection.

JR: When I was about 35, I became friends with a man who did healing, channeling, and yoga, and taught me about them. Those skills helped me cope with some unpleasant things from my past and the marriage I was in at the time. I chose to write about those things in a format accessible to teenagers, because I know kids are dealing with abuse and bullying and I want them to know they aren’t alone, and they can ask for help.

DMc: Is the protagonist, 14-year-old Shanna based on anyone you know, or was she created from your exploration of characters?

JR: She’s based on me.

DMc: When you begin a manuscript do you start with an outline? Why or why not?

JR: Never an outline. Sometimes I might jot down a few sentences about what I’d like to see happen in the story, but that’s all I do for plotting in advance. For me, part of the fun of writing is seeing where the story ends up, so I try not to be too detailed in my pre-writing.

DMc: Have any of your characters traveled a path you never expected? If yes, do you fight them or allow them to go where they want?

JR: My characters constantly go where I don’t expect, and I almost always let them. It’s more fun that way, and their ideas are sometimes better than mine!

DMc: Where can our readers purchase Connection?

JR: It’s available through the publisher at, or on

DMc: In your opinion what do you feel is the most important part of promoting your work? (i.e., Social networking, in-person networking, book signings, school visits).

JR: I would say probably in-person events, such as book signings and school visits, because that gives me an opportunity to meet my readers as well as allowing them to meet me.

DMc: Where can our readers learn more about you?

JR: On my website,

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Indie-Debut – Small Press Month Makes a Huge Impact




CONTACT: Amy Allgeyer Cook, Author


For Immediate Release

Indie-Debut – Small Press Month Makes a Huge Impact

In celebration of Small Press Month, Indie-Debut 2010 is thrilled to announce their March event schedule for the week of March 7, 2010. Join in the fun and cruise on over to and read insightful interviews from prominent individuals in the small press world. Participate in lively discussions, Friday gift giveaway contests, and so much more.

Highlights for the week of March 7, 2010:

Mon, March 8: SPOTLIGHT: Miriam Forster and Winner Announcement

Tues, March 9: Stephen Mooser Interview w/ Amy Cook

Wed, March 10: Discussion: As a reader and lover of books, do you pay attention to the publisher or the quality of writing?

Thurs, March 11: Indie Bookstore Interview with Amy Cook

Fri, March 12: SPOTLIGHT ON TEASERS: Scott Heydt & Carla Mooney

PLUS Giveaway: Fabulous Follower Prize: Become a follower of our blog, twitter, and Facebook and be entered to win:

The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade tote bag – prize by Lori Calabrese

Amazing Africa Projects – prize by Carla Mooney

Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson – prize by Donna McDine

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E-book Week: March 7-13, 2010

Beverly Stowe McClure shared the following information on her blog today and thought I share it here:

Read an EBook Week March 7-13, 2010

The following titles will be offered as free give-aways via the Twilight Times Books web site during Read an E-Book Week:  March 7-13, 2010.

  • Behold the Eyes of Light by Geoff Geauterre
  • Darrell Bain's World of Books by Darrell Bain
  • Jerome and the Seraph by Robina Williams
  • No Place for Gods by Gerald Mills
  • The Last to Fall by Anne K. Edwards
  • Who is Margaret? What is She? by Celia A. Leaman 

In addition, the above titles will be displayed as give-aways in the Read an E-book Week catalogue in the Aldiko app for Android Smartphones.

  Be sure to check out the official web site for Read an E-Book Week.

A number of publishers are offering give-aways during the week. For example, Smashwords is offering hundreds of free ebooks.

Several of our titles will be available at a 50% discount from OmniLit during Read an E-Book Week March 7 - 13, 2010.

Feel free to post info regarding Read an E-Book Week on your web site or blog, newsletter, etc. 

In addition, *all* of our ebook titles are currently available at a steep discount from Barnes and Noble. For example, Dragon's Moon (ebook version) is $1.60 (not a typo).

Now who doesn't like free books? Stop by when you have a chance and grab some bargains.

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Slip into the Creative Mind of the Creator Behind Guardian

Katie and I first met through the Muse It Up Club several years ago and have stayed in constant contact with each other since our initial cyberspace meeting. It has been a thrill to watch Katie’s career blossom over the last several years. Join me today in welcoming Katie as my guest author and learn about her fascinating writing career through a personal one-on-one interview. Katie will be checking-in throughout the day, so be sure to leave a comment and/or question.

As an added BONUS, by commenting you are automatically entered into a drawing through Katie's 10-day virtual book tour to win a FREE copy of Guardian.

DMc: Your novel Guardian has been released by 4RV Publishing. Please describe to us the process you went through from the time your manuscript was accepted to publication.

KH: It was a longer process than I thought it would be. I signed my contract October31, 2008 and thought everything would fall into place in a couple of months. Wrong! I’m not sure of the whole procedure on the publisher’s end, but I spent the time that I was waiting learning about promoting and marketing. Lots of time. Media kit. Creating a blog. Creating a website. The cover was done first, and it is beautiful. Diana Navarro with 4RV did a slam-dunk job. Although originally scheduled for earlier, the book was actually released in January, 2010. There were a few miscommunications when emails that I sent didn’t make it through to 4RV, so that caused delays. Finally, in December, 2009, the copy editing began, and once that was finished, it was a mere matter of weeks before I held the book in my hot little hands.

DMc: How have you approached your marketing of your novel Guardian?

KH: I think it has helped that I already have a blog and website and media kit. I have hired a marketing firm to do some of the marketing for me. I have also guest blogged, do an author interview once a week on my blog, joined various groups that are either relating to writing or to groups that I think would be interested in my book. I have done a few radio spots. I also have a blog tour set to begin March 1, and I’m looking forward to that.

DMc: What did you find to be the most frustrating step/process of getting your first novel published?

KH: The length of time between the contract and the finished product.

DMc: When did you decide you wanted to become an author? Do you have another job besides writing?

KH: I toyed with the idea of being a writer on and off throughout my life. I always knew I wanted to write some books (like a lot of people), but actually did something about it (unlike a lot of people). I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t want to write journalism, and didn’t want to teach English. I really didn’t think I could write a book until I sat down and began the actual writing process. I do not have another job outside the home, but I’ve got the same kind of housework, etc. schedule that other moms have. I consider “being there” for my kids, grandkids and husband to be my number one priority and writing comes after that.

DMc: Were you an avid reader as a child? What type of books did you enjoy reading?

KH: I’ve been reading since I was 4, and never stopped. My early love--to this date--is fantasy. Back in the late 60s and early 70s, there simply weren’t fantasy books written apart from Lloyd Alexander. Finally, in the mid-70s Terry Brooks wrote “The Sword of Shannara” and I fell in love with the book and couldn’t wait for the others to come. So, fantasy is my first love. But, I read all the fiction bestsellers: murders, thrillers, some horror, romance, you name it and I’ve read it. Thank God for the public library. There is no way I could personally finance my love for reading!

DMc: What has been your personal experience with social networking to gain a presence in the children’s publishing world? Blogging?

KH: I have a small presence on a few social networking groups, but I spend most of my time with Facebook and some on Twitter. I tend to get frustrated with Facebook because a lot of time is spent scrolling past all the Farmville and Yo’ville junk to get to personal and writing friends’ posts. I think the most important thing is exposure. For me, blogging has been a much better use of my time, but my blog tends to be geared towards writers rather than children. I did a website at one point for kids, but it wasn’t very good, and I let it lapse.

DMc: Do you feel it is essential to a writer to attend conferences? If yes, why?

KH: Essential, no. Wise, yes. Sometimes one simply doesn’t have the money to go, except for the excellent free online conference presented by Lea Schizas. By not going to conferences, you miss out on the opportunity to network, which is an important part of a writer’s life and presence.

DMc: What piece of advice would you offer to the newbie writer?

KH: Don’t be afraid to spend pre-writing time on research. There were many times when the research I did for Guardian resulted directly in integral chapters for my book. Be sure and write, write, write and read heavily in your chosen genre.

DMc: What would you be if you were not a writer?

KH: Bored.

DMc: What can we expect from you in the future?

KH: More books. I have a few I am working on. A couple chapter books, a young adult novel, another middle grade urban fantasy, and an adult book. I will continue to guest blog, and write for an online Catholic ezine.

To learn more about Katie Hines, please visit:





NOW AVAILABLE! "Guardian" a middle grade urban fantasy

Order from

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Announcing the Newly Designed Children's Writers' Coaching Club Website

Come explore the newly designed CWCC website.
The Children’s Writers’ Coaching Club is a membership based site for both published children’s book authors and aspiring children’s book authors.
The monthly fee of $27 will provide you unbelievable amounts of inpsiration and direction to make a go of your writing for children career.
Success stories abound from the members of the CWCC.
Take the time time to explore the CWCC today.
What the CWCC offers on a monthly basis will have your jaw dropping for the mere $27 per month:

  • LIVE teleclasses EVERY month. Each teleclass is taught by a successful children's book author and/or illustrator who knows the "tricks of the trade" of children's writing, illustrating, and publishing.
  • A monthly writing assignment, designed to become a finished project ready for submission to a publisher, usually be the end of the month, although some projects take longer. Each month we focus on some area of publishing. For example, one month we study how to write short fiction for children's magazines. Another month we focus on writing nonfiction for children's magazines. Another month we target writing picture books, etc
  • The opportunity to have a manuscript professionally critiqued every week.
  • The opportunity to network daily via an online discussion list with other members of the CWCC, as well as the instructors.
  • And Much, Much More...  
Check it out today:

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Coleen Murtagh Paratore - Sweet and Sunny


Sweet and Sunny

by Coleen Murtagh Paratore
Scholastic Press

Ms. Paratore is thrilled to announce SWEET AND SUNNY
Sunny continues her quest to create a national Kid’s Day, while improving other holidays along the way and bringing joy to those around her. Sunny is headstrong, funny, and trying to make the best out of every situation--whether it involves holidays or family problems. She's got spirit to spare--and you can't help but love her for it. Scholastic Press, ISBN-978-0-545-07582-4

Please join Coleen for a signing event!

  •  April 10, Empire State Book Festival, Albany, NY
  •  April 30, Signing WISH I MIGHT and SUNNY HOLIDAY, Market Block Books, Troy, 5-7pm, “Troy Night Out!” Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • May 1, Hudson Book Festival
  • May 15, Albany Children’s Book Festival, The Albany Academies
  • July 16, 6-8 pm, Market Street Bookshop, Mashpee Commons, Cape Cod
  • July 17, 11:00 am, Eight Cousins, Falmouth, Cape Cod
  • July 17, 3-5 pm, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Chatham, Cape Cod
  • July 20, 10 am-noon, The Brewster Bookstore, Brewster, Cape Cod
 More events forthcoming. Check my website: