Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simon Rose's Guest Blogger - Suzanne Lieurance

Simon Rose's guest blogger this month, is Suzanne Lieurance, a fulltime freelance writer, children's author, and The Working Writer's Coach. This week Suzanne looks at why everyone needs a coach.

If you look around at the top performers today in any field - sports, sales, or even coaching itself....VISIT SIMON AND SUZANNE AT: TO READ MORE OF WHAT Suzanne has to offer.


  1. Thanks Donna. Maybe you should be my guest blogger one day as well?

  2. I read the article, Donna. Very interesting. I left a post there. I've never considered needing a coach, but Suzanne makes sense.


    Author of YA
    Rebel in Blue Jeans

  3. Hi Simon and Bev...thanks for stopping by.

    Simon...I'll be in touch.

    Bev...glad you checked it out.



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