Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fandangle Magazine - Wilfdire

I'm starting a wildfire and telling all my friends about Fandangle Magazine, a great FREE online magazine for kids with loads of fun stuff like crafts, puzzles, poems, short stories and much more to share with your kids. Just click the link!
You can help spread the wildfire and possibly win a great prize! Just click on the wildfire button on the home page for all the details.

Fandangle Magazine isn't your typical online magazine (or e-zine). You can view it online (click on the picture of the cover to the right) or download the PDF file to your computer.

You'll see that Fandangle looks just like any other magazine you'd buy in the store. The advantages are that Fandangle is free and you can print out the whole issue or just the pages you want.

Note to Parents and Teachers:
Fandangle Magazine is a FREE online magazine for children ages 6-10. We provide craft projects, children's puzzles, short stories for children, non-fiction stories and much more. Our holiday craft projects encourage little hands to get involved and create big ideas. Puzzles for children in Fandangle Magazine develop hand eye coordination and motivate children to find simple solutions.

Fandangle Magazine presents great ideas for family time with projects families can do together. We entertain children with interesting facts and stories designed to motivate imaginative playtime.

We want to hear from you! Please send comments and suggestions to:

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