Friday, December 14, 2007

Book Review - The Sky's Not Falling! Why It's OK to Chill About Global Warming

It was a delight to have Holly as my guest author yesterday...thank you, Holly! Read on for my book review:

Title: The Sky’s Not Falling! Why It’s OK to Chill About Global Warming
Written by: Holly Fretwell
Hardback: 126 pages
Publisher: World Ahead Media / Kids Ahead Books
ISBN: 978-0-976726-94-4
Publication: September 2007

The Sky’s Not Falling! Why It’s OK to Chill About Global Warming, by Holly Fretwell is not your typical mainstream book, but it will enlighten our children and definitely the adults around them about global warming.

“How do you choose to live your life and how we can together make this world a better place for all children of the future.” Is a profound statement and it is meant to get your brain churning so that the reader as an individual realizes that they can make a positive impact on the environment on a daily basis.

Written in terms that 8-12 year olds can make sense of and not panic about global warming. Fretwell presents the complex material in simple to understand terminology for all levels of understanding and learning.

Fretwell, a natural resources management expert and professor at Montana State University. To interview the Holly, contact Judy at or 310-961-4170.

Book review written by Donna M. McDine for Pump Up Your Book Promotion

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  1. Great review, Holly! I need to buy this one for my grandkids! Think I can still get it by Christmas? I'm going to go check it out on Amazon right now!


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