Friday, February 29, 2008

Dyan Garris, author of Money and Manifesting

Dyan Garris, author of Money and Manifesting will be my guest author of Tuesday, March 4th and on Friday, March 7th I will be posting my book review. In the meantime, read Dyan's bio below:

For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. This means that she can help her clients via telephone, which is how she conducted her readings throughout her career.

Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. This is a thirty card deck of angel cards based upon scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy. Each hand illustrated card has its own channeled message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels. Free angel card readings are available on her main website. A journal is available separately as an integrative tool for use with the cards and a meditation journal is available for use with the CDs.

Dyan writes the Daily Channeled Message which posts on her website. Recently she authored The Book of Daily Channeled Messages which is a compilation of inspirational angelic messages to be used for daily guidance or as a bibliomancy tool.

Her book Voice of the Angels Cookbook – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking is an adventure in opening one’s creative centers and communicating with your food so it can transform from raw ingredients into what truly nourishes you on every level.

In 2005 she created a CD series of instrumental music and meditation for Automatic Chakra Balance™, self-healing, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Each CD is available separately, as well as together in a gift basket, and contains several tracks of relaxation music plus a guided meditation on the last track. The CDs have earned the National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval.
Her new CD of instrumental relaxation music “Release” was released in late September 2007. Dyan’s music can be heard nationally and internationally on numerous radio stations. “Release” recently charted at #3 on Music Choice’s cable TV music channel Soundscapes and is currently nominated for New Age Reporter’s “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of the Year” and “Best Cover Art.”
She is a frequent radio guest on the Jay Grayce show at Tribeca Radio in New York City and has been interviewed by numerous other radio hosts. Recently, Mystic Pop Magazine interviewed her for their January/February issue. Living In Style TV featured her products in their 2007 holiday show.

Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.
Media Inquiries: Margarita Miranda-Abate,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Blog from the Characters of "The Rock of Realm"

Announcing the character's blog from the young adult fantasy novel, "The Rock of Realm," by Lea Schizas.

The characters go haywire on their creator, open up their own blog and now she's terrified what they are going to reveal. Talk about insanity!!!

They're calling their blog Rock Kingdom's Citizens.

Can you please go in there and talk some sense to Pops and Jinx? at

Leave them a note, tell them to please stop arguing. Their creator is afraid Butch is going to bite these two oddball characters and then what is she going to do for Book Two?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Musing Our Children - Pages and Pens Newsletter

Pages and Pens – your tools to imagination is a FREE publication offered to parents, children, and teachers. Several writers work hard to bring you interesting material to read and use within your homes and classrooms with your children.

Get your FREE subscription by sending an email to: with PAGES AND PENS on the subject heading and your name and email address within the body of the email.

Winner Announced for "In the Spotlight" Contest

Mussel Bound is the winner of the February 2008 "In the Spotlight" contest at Jessica Kennedy's website -!

Enter the Promotion "In the Spotlight" Quiz Contest at Jessica Kennedy's website:

Featuring Children's Author Mussel Bound starting March 1, 2008:

Guck Luck!

Guest Author's ~ Pump Up Your Book Promotion

Dyan Garris will be my guest author on March 4th and I will post my book review both at my blog: and website: of "Money and Manifesting," March 7th ~ "You think positive thoughts. You apply the laws of attraction. You visualize. You even clear pathways to abundance. And you manifest nothing. Now you want to find out exactly what to do about it. You want wealth. You want prosperity. You want transformation. You want the truth. Here you will discover the real secrets to money and manifesting. What you learn will change your life forever.

Thomas Wade Bounds will be my guest author on March 18th and I will post my book review on March 19th ~ both at my blog: and website:

Book Aimed at Fostering Parent Child Discussions on Teen Choices Charlotte, NC, Jan 2, 2008 - Today's news is filled with stories of concern for teens and parents as a teen celebrity announces her pregnancy at age 16 and how schools and other organizations are supporting overly permissive behavior by teens. The media is pushing the wrong message just use birth control. That is not the answer or the right choice for teens. Parents impact your teen's choices while you can. Thomas Wade Bounds' Choices, My Secrets ($9.99, paperback, 978-1-60477-369-9) is an interactive way to help parents and teens come together and discuss openly the consequences some choices made without consideration can have on a teen and their family's life. It is a tool to help set a better understanding of their choices, relationship expectations and positive, godly goals toward their family values which may help prevent similar choices. This is the first in a series that Tom is writing on choices for young teens and their parents. You can find out more here:

In April, positive psychologist Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is touring with us again for the girl’s version of her book The Truth. She will be my guest author on April 18th and I will post my book review on April 21st ~ both at my blog: and website:

Dorothy Thompson reviewed the adult version ate: This book has been slightly altered to appeal to the pre-teen and early teen market and it has a brilliant new cover.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SCBWI NY Winter Conference ~ 2008

The SCBWI 9th Annual Winter Conference blew into NYC on a not too frigid day, which is great since February in NYC can be downright frosty. I had the distinct pleasure of attending the SCBWI Writers Intensive on Friday, February 8th.

The day begin with the keynote speakers, Judy Enderle & Stephanie Gordon. It is no wonderful these two talented women work as a writing team. They compliment one another and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Their presentation titled, "Begin Again!" was full of helpful tips that fit around the theme, "A Look at Beginnings that Won't Let an Editor say NO!"

The morning continued with the first round of Moderated Critiques...for those who have not had the privilege and opportunity to participate in this unique are placed at a round table with eight other writers and one agent or editor. Each person gets the opportunity to read their 500-word excerpt or synopsis. The agent or editor provides you with their professional critique and suggestions for your piece and then each of your peers provides you with their critique.

I cannot say enough how wonderful a experience and opportunity this is for a writer. Networking is key and the lunch break serves to be the perfect time to head to lunch with several of your new writer friends. Getting to know one another over an informal lunch is the perfect time to exchange contact information and your personal experiences and suggestions in writing for children.

The afternoon picked back up with the afternoon Moderated Critique session. And the day ended with yet another fabulous and informative lecture entitled, "Whew, I Can't Believe I Made It! I Need a Drink/Massage/New Keyboard...and Deeper Thoughts About Last Pages," from Jane Yolen was filled with fabulous insights and tips.

Much like the day before, the ballroom at the Hilton was filled with energized writers on Saturday, February 9th and all were a buzz in anticipation of the days events. Many writers met friends from the SCBWI boards in person for the first time and were able to finally fit the typed words to the faces of so many.

The day began with the welcoming humor of Lin Oliver & Stephen Mooser as they introduced the day events and the morning keynote speaker, Nikki Grimes. Ms. Grimes presented an energizing and enlightening speech entitled, "The Power of Poetry," she has definitely converted one attendee to look at poetry in a different light.

The morning speeches continued with a delightful and humorous presentation from David Wiesner entitled, "Storytelling Without Words." The illustrator talent of David Wiesner takes your breath away.

We were all then treated to the Breakout Workshop Sessions, which each attendee had the opportunity to pre-register for two from a list of ten (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Presenters included: Anamika Bhatnagar, Scholastic; Alessandra Balzer, Hyperion; Caitlyn M. Dlouhy, Atheneum; David Gale, Simon & Schuster; Jennifer Hunt, Little, Brown; Wendy Loggia, Delacorte; Mark McVeigh, Aladdin Paperbacks; Molly O'Neill, Harper Collins; Reka Simonsen, Henry Holt and Nancy Siscoe, Knopf & Crown. I attended the sessions with Molly O'Neill of Harper Collins and Reka Simonson of Henry Holt. Both were informative and I walked away with an immense amount of information to better help me understand the publishing industry.

The Luncheon Keynote Address was made by Carolyn Mackler entitled, "Laughing, Crying & Being a Major Snoop: My Life as a Teen Novelist." Her presentation was both humorous and heart touching...she definitely pulled at your heartstrings. A

fter the second round of the Breakout Workshop Sessions the day concluded with a presentation entitled, "Five Agents View the Marketplace." The panel consisted of: Tracey Adams, Adams Literary; Miriam Altshuler, Miriam Altshuler Literary; Barry Goldblatt, Barry Goldblatt Literary; Elizabeth Harding, Curtis Brown, Ltd; and Jodi Reamer, Writers House. This interactive panel after their initial presentation was the perfect way to conclude the day.

I unfortunately, was unable to attend the Sunday session due to a family obligation. This being my second SCBWI Winter Conference I can honestly say I did not have a favorite session or event. Each moment was filled with the perfect opportunities to network. And the positive support and encouragement everyone provides makes me walk away feeling energized and encouraged to keep traveling down this path of writing for children.

Acceptance - Once Upon A Time Magazine

My article, "The Worthy Writer's Conference," was recently accepted by Once Upon A Time Magazine and is in their pipeline for publication in about 3 months!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Junior Muse Conference Yahoo Board

Welcome to the Junior Muse Conference group. The Junior Muse Conference Yahoo board is where teens from ages 13 to 17 can apply for membership and from there Lea Schizas will team them up in private groups as she has done on the Muse to form small critique groups.

The Yahoo board will be there for the teens to be mentored and helped with any writing question they may have.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and have an interest in writing and would like to be mentored to improve your writing, please join the mentorship program by going to:

There are several experienced writers on board ready and willing to guide you with all of your writing questions. This is a private and moderated board meaning all messages will not be published right away until it's given the okay.

In October, you will have an opportunity to join, for FREE, our annual conference forum and meet over 100 experts in the writing field.

Lea Schizas
Founder of The Muse Online Writers Conference

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winner Announced - The Rock of Realm ebook

Congratulations to Carma - you have won the ebook of "The Rock of Realm," by Lea Schizas.

Carma, please contact me via email at to claim your prize.

Thank you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Rock of Realm ~ Book Review

Hello All ~ Take the time out to read and comment on my book review of "The Rock of Realm," by Lea Schizas. By leaving a comment to enter a chance to win an e-book of "The Rock of Realm."

Thanks for stopping by!

Title: The Rock of Realm
Written by: Lea Schizas
Hardback: 242 pages
Ages: 12 and up
Publisher: Star Publish
ISBN: 1-932993-08-8 (Print Book)
ISBN: 1-932993-09-6 (E-Book)
Publication: March 31, 2005

Alexandra Stone, better known as Alex to her friends and family is like any fourteen year-old with concerns of what to do on a Friday night to babysitting responsibilities. The life Alex knows so well changes the day she recites a chant with her best friend, Sarah after being knocked on the head by a small pink rock. The chant is from her English teacher Mr. Ritchie’s book and before she realizes it Alex and Sarah are transported to a mystical world with her dog, Butch and his squirrel buddy, Pops.

“Glitter I toss, safely I will cross, into your realm it will lead, the rock I possess, evil digress, the Queen I am to thee.”

Their life in Greendale Park has vanished and they are shined upon by two moons in the starless night. From talking trees and animals they find themselves thrust into a mystical adventure where Alex is considered the “enchanted one” of royal lineage and must concur “Dread.” The decisions made along the way will test their friendship, trusting your instincts that, ‘things are not always what they appear’ and the endurance of family.

Lea Schizas intertwines two parallel worlds together with believable ease. The powerfulness of “The Rock of Realm,” will leave you wanting more. You will route for Alex and Sarah and their counterparts from the onset. Cheers to Lea Schizas for a well crafted flight through the fantasy world. To learn more about Ms. Schizas visit her at:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congratulations...Winner Selected!

Congratulations to Kim....she is the lucky winner of the e-book, The Rock of Realm, by Lea Schizas.

Please stop back on Monday, February 11th when I will post my book review of The Rock of Realm.
To enter and possibly win the e-book of The Rock of Realm...leave a comment/question for Lea.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Guest Author: Lea Schizas

Please join me in welcoming author, Lea Schizas today! She'll be floating around please don't hesitate to ask her any questions that you may have...she'll be happy to answer them.

Lea shares with us today as to What Inspires Her:

There's nothing greater than knowing children and young adults are inspired by my words, entertained by my characters, and learn a lesson from within my penned words.

Being a mother of five, I'm only too aware of this age levels nature, such as their curiosity, their dialogue, their need to prod for answers, their sneakiness, vows to be good and then forget those vows. I use all of these characteristics in several of my characters to bring the realistic side to them.

When I came up with the idea for my young adult fantasy/adventure, The Rock of Realm, I wanted characters that were distinct from each other.

Alexandra Stone is the main character: strong, discovers a secret that makes her wonder why her parents never told her, needs to carry the image of strength and bravery around her friends in order to keep their morale up while they search for a way back to their world.

Sarah Breckinridge is Alex's best friend: puts up a front of bravery but without Alex by her side, she cowers. She draws her own strenght from Alex.

Butch is the hero: a 110 pound German Shepherd who is not afraid to put his life on the line to protect Alex. Pops is Butch's best friend- he's a sneaky, humorous and sarcastic squirrel who takes pleasure in putting down Jinx. Jinx is the six-legged hamster, their guide in Rock Kingdom. Pops and Jinx have a love/hate relationship throughout the novel.

As you can see, each character above inspires different attributes we find in real life, and also each character brings a lesson to the reader.

So my inspiration is a deep love to offer children and young adults stories that will make them laugh, cry, grip the edge of their seat, and travel through my world, all the while learning something important hidden within my novels.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Enter the Promotion Quiz Contest at Jessica Kennedy's website

Enter the Promotion Quiz Contest at Jessica Kennedy's website -

Featuring Children's Author Donna McDine by February 21, 2008

To visit an example of a contest winner's page visit In the Spotlight.

All feature will be posted for one month. After that time the pages can be reached by clicking on the name in the alphabetical list to the left.

Everyone can be eligible each month. Prepare a new bio/profile.

Answer the seven question quiz about the "In the Spotlight " site, blog, writer, and/or illustrator and be included in the drawing to be the next featured.

Questions will come from the featured’s bio, website(s)and/or blog(s).

The contestants will read the biographical description, visit other’s sites/blogs and/or learn about their art, business and/or writing. In order to be able to answerthe questions on the quiz, contestants will visit other’s sites and dig into them to find answers to the quiz.

This will create a promotion conduit. The contestant will visit my site to join the contest. Each question will be accompanied by the location of the answer to the question. Ideally the contest quiz will cause a participant to learn about the featured’s work, website(s) and blog(s). The newly featured entity will help create the focus of their bio/feature page. What do you want people to know. Help create a quiz that teaches people about you, your family, your business and/or website(s)/blog(s).

Good luck!