Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Benefits of Reading and Writing to Our Children

Reviews for Kids by Kids invites teachers and parents
to encourage their children to participate.

A new educational website, Musing Our Children, presented
by several writers, offers the opportunity for parents and teachers
to join them. Their mission: show children the benefits of reading
and writing via classroom visits and through their review site aimed for children eighteen and under.

Teachers are encouraged to have their students read a book and then
submit a short review to “Reviews by Kids For Kids”. For guidelines
on review submissions, click here:

Musing our Children also offers a FREE online PDF download,
“Pages and Pens-your tools to imagination” for teachers to use within
their classrooms. Within each PDF, you’ll find such topics as:

-suggested reading books
-interviews with children authors
-geography info on various cities in each issue
-reading and writing tips from writers
and more.

Musing Our Children is the brainchild of Lea Schizas, founder of the
MuseitUp Club, an online critique community and a Writer’s Digest
101 Best Writing Site since 2005.

For more information on Musing Our Children, link here:

For more information on Lea Schizas, link here:

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