Thursday, April 9, 2009

Free Book Drawing - Meghan Rose Series

If you post a comment about Lori's interview, posted Wednesday, April 8th, we will put your name in a drawing for a free book.

The winner may choose one of any of the four Meghan Rose titles!

If more than 15 people leave comments, TWO names will be drawn, and for more than 25 people, THREE names will be drawn."

Good luck and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment for Lori.

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  1. Hi, As a mother of three, a teacher, and a writer I can certainly appreciate the messages found in the "Meghan Rose" series. I like the way that Lori has written about real situations that children encounter, especially in school. In addition, Lori has provided parents with resources to use as they read with their child. In avery personal way, the "BLAM" activities enhance or deepen the child's understanding of the story.
    This was certainly a delightful interview. Thank you! Janet


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