Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: One Large Peanut Butter Sandwich to Go by Linda Derkez


Title:                           One Large Peanut Butter Sandwich to Go
Written by:  Linda Derkez
Illustrated by: David Fielding
Ages: Toddlers-6
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
Print ISBN:  9781616332803
e-Book ISBN: 9781616332815
Published: June 2012
Print Price: $9.95
e-Book Price: $5.00

Scotty’s insatiable appetite and habit of wandering his house and beyond while eating causes a trail of crumbs. At first it seems easier for Mom to allow the freedom of wandering until the mess gets out of control. Using the what if scenario to her advantage, Mom shares examples of what may happen to Scotty’s sandwich during his travels beyond the confines of their home. What ensues is a hilarious imagined adventure.

What becomes of Scotty and his tendency to wander while eating? Does he lose sight of satisfying his hunger with his adventures? Whether you like peanut butter or not the youngest of readers will enjoy the antics of Scotty and the stories that pop out of the imagination. David Fielding’s eye catching and humorous illustrations brings the story of One Large Peanut Butter Sandwich To Go to life.

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The Golden Pathway ~ August 2010 ~ Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
~ Literary Classics Silver Award and Seal of Approval Recipient and Dan Poynter's Global e-Book Awards Finalist


  1. I'm already intrigued by the sweet cover! It looks like a fun boy book.

  2. Please email me if I can review your book for you or if you would be interested in being on my blog for an interview or to say a few words, Author spotlight or such. please our REVIEW OR BOOK, blog In subject line so it doesn't end up in spam. Looks like a great book!


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