Sunday, April 27, 2008

Interview with Lea Schizas

Hello All...I recently had the privilege of interviewing Lea Schizas, multi-published author and award-winning editor of two Writer’s Digest 101 Top Web Sites.

The interview is now published on The National Writing for Children Center -

Please stop by, read Lea's remarkable interview, and leave a comment. Included is a wonderful surprise offer.


  1. Hi, It was a great interview, with interesting information for writers. Thanks.

  2. Good for you for interviewing Lea. I hope everyone hustles over to learn more about her and her fantastic free online conference. Here's what goes into my newsltter each week. I think it's THAT important for writers!

    The f r e ^ Muse Online Writers' Conference, sponsored by Lea Schizas and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, is accepting early registration. Nearly 2,000 attended last year and openings are limited. Learn more about this year's conference, October 13 to 19th, and how you can assure your spot in 2008. We will present an all-new program soon. Carolyn will do a seminar on "Query Letters! Editing them perfectly for a great first impression." Go to:

    To see the growing list of presenters go to:

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson


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