Monday, July 7, 2008

James D. Adams - Guest Author

Hello All...please welcome author, James D. Adams as my guest author today. James talks about what inspires him to write. Be sure to stop back tomorrow to read my interview with James.

My kids really inspire me a lot to write my children’s titles.

It was when I found we were going to have a son after our year battle with infertility, that I started writing children’s stories. 3 years at Scholastic helped this along too. I had written adult stuff under a another name for years, but I wanted a break from that and wanted to tackle the challenge of kids and YA fiction.

A 32 page picture book is nearly as tough to do well as a 300 page novel. I had read hundreds of books while at Scholastic, so I had a fresh mind as to what was in the market. I always felt a sense of accomplishment from writing that other things just don’t povide. I worked at Scholastic for 3 years as an example, and all I really have to show for it is a few awards. Sure, it paid bills and so forth, but I don’t look at my desk and go “That was bought with money I earned at Scholastic”. But everytime I see one of my books on the shelf here in my study or at a book store, I think “That’s what I accomplished in 2006, 2007, etc.” It’s like something solid to show for your time. Most people don’t really get me on this. They feel after 40 years on a job, if they get a good pension, they are satisfied. But the way my mind works, I would feel like all I had to show for all those years was a monthly check. It sounds strange I know, but I’d rather see 2 shelves full of books with my name on them.

So this sense of leaving something behind for future generations hopefully, really drives me to write on days when I don’t feel like it. Also, after having started speaking in public, I have fallen in love with that audience connection, with doing book signings and meeting the people who read my books. It feels like having a new family, like I am now somehow connected to all these new people.

Doing this post to your wonderful blog is inspiring to me, as I love the notion someone would take the time to connect with me and my work in this way. But mostly, I just feel like I have all these different worlds swirling around in my head and I need to show them to everyone, because maybe there is someone who has been waiting a long time to meet these people. Maybe somehow I can make a new connection with a fellow human being by telling their story. Isn’t that what the arts are really about after all? Making a connection is everything to me.

Thanks for reading,

James D. Adams

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  1. Oh, I agree. Seeing a shelf filled with books that you've put your heart into creating is a rewarding experience. And thinking of the young readers who enjoy your work make the long hours worth every moment.

    Have a good week.


  2. I like your idea of having something to show for your work. I used to think this when I made clothing or a baby blanket for my loved ones, but not about my writing. Thank you for a new way of thinking about my writing. We are leaving a legacy of some sort whether we are aware of it or not.
    I can hardly wait to read the review tomorrow.
    Blessings to you,

  3. James, I, too, love the fact that our writing remains behind for future generations to read. My children as well inspire me with tons of story ideas and their participation only adds to the excitement to add parts of their ideas only to see their enthusiasm when the story is finished.

    Great interview.


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