Friday, September 19, 2008

Press Release - "The Secret of Yahweh!"

Public Schools today: Are we sending our children off to war unarmed?

10 simple rules that can protect them at school

For Release in September / Back-to-School

For further information contact:

LeFerna Arnold Walch / Mary’s Lamb, Inc.
Addison, Michigan

(517) 547-3656

Surveys show parents are concerned about the stress level of their children and what they are forced to deal with in public schools. Already frightened by what they hear and see in today’s world, they also face abusive bullying and negative peer pressure. All this stress is like sending them off to war unprotected and afraid. Just 10 simple rules in school, can lower our children’s stress level?

“The trauma suffered by children in other countries sickens Americans to the point of sending missionary relief.

What about this country? Who is taking care of our children? With our excellent media coverage, they’ve been exposed to kidnapping, school shootings, bomb explosions, and airplanes blowing up buildings, gang violence, child prostitution, drugs and war killings. Favorite television shows are no longer like “Leave it to Beaver” with no under-aged drinking or premarital sex, and many films add words not allowed on television because vulgarity sells. Good morals barely exist in public America and it shows in our schools. Children are the heartbeat of the world, growing into tomorrow’s leaders. They get strength in learning rules young.”

These words come from LeFerna Arnold Walch, member of the Institute of Biblical and Historical Studies in Addison, Michigan, CEO of Mary’s Lamb, Inc. and leading advocate for Christian curriculum in public schools.

Walch started her company to introduce J.C. Lamb, a twist on a favorite American nursery rhyme. Their mission is for the character to follow our children to school where…

• ADHD, obesity, learning disabilities, autism and handicaps limit children, inviting torment and teasing.

• The smart children are called “nerds” or “geeks” causing many children to fear success.

• Some have more material things than others, causing jealousy and resentment.

• Bullying and peer pressure can be very dangerous.

Walch claims the time is right for arming our children with American Christian history and bringing these ten rules back into our schools. Walch started Mary’s Lamb Publishing to release The Secret of Yahweh! now available through Ingram/Spring Arbor Books. The “Give & Share Book™” that introduces J.C. Lamb is a church tool designed to reach an estimated 100 million unchurched Americans. A hit at the 2008 International Christian Retail Show, the book is also receiving great reviews. Since the goal is for J.C. Lamb to make his way to school, Walch is already giving away free school supplies and working on a before school radio program called “The Morning Show with J.C. Lamb” –reading Christian children’s books and Bible verses using character voices while the children color downloaded illustrations.

Walch is an entertainer and speaker with both radio and television experience. She gives an informative and fun interview adding in the voice of J.C. Lamb.

Available nationwide – contact


  1. It is sad what has happened in our schools. Once, parents didn't have to worry about their children at school. Oh, there were some problems,but nothing like today. I sometimes wonder if schools started going downhill when they took God out. Schools can no longer have devotionals or prayers or so many things we used to do.

    Thanks for the interesting information, Donna.

    Have a super weekend.

  2. Donna,

    It is so fun now to type in my name in Google search and see what is being said about me and where. This was refreshing... It was just my press release. But when I saw your name, I knew it would be nothing bu good. You are SO sweet! I hold my breath sometimes knowing that "the bad angel" will post a few negative comments about me that I have to clean up by going in defending Yahshua!

    Hey! That would be a great title for J.C. Lamb's second book! Defending Yahshua! Isn't that what we are doing everyday of our "good boys and girls" lives?

    Maybe I should keep notes!

    Thank you for bringing this to your blog! We can change America if we stick together on this. Some schools do allow a "separate" time for prayer, after school, etc. This is a good start! But children do what children see their parents do, so it all begins at home. We know this. Good parental values are a must. Not just going to church, but making sure your children really understand WHY they go to church.

    It is all coming around to the time they will have to arm themselves for the future... as it is getting worse by the day!

    I am having a ball with the new radio program. I hope it helps a lot of parents send their kids off to school with a "God-start." It should be available for download next week!

    Thanks again Donna!
    As always... I love to read your writing!

    Loads of Lamb Hugs!


    OH... ps... I did post a blog on the letter I sent out to the prison ministry group, asking for help to get "The Secret of Yahweh!" into prisons... and the group has so many rules it kept coming back to me! (Guess who is trying to stop that!!) Feel free to comment on the letter at


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