Friday, February 13, 2009

Interview with Suzanne Lieurance, Founder & Director of the NWFCC

I recently had the privilege to interview Suzanne Lieurance, Founder & Director of the National Writing for Children Center (NWFCC) & the Children's Writers' Coaching Club (CWCC).

Listen to the interview here:


  1. That was a nice interview, Donna. I'd never heard of this lady or her organization, so it was good to learn about something else that is available for children's writers.

  2. Very informative, Donna. Suzanne and I are hosting each other on our blogs every Thursday this month and will have recorded interviews available at each location on February 26.

  3. Hi Katie and Simon...thanks for stopping by.

    Katie, definitely check out the CWCC...there is a lot going on there.

    Simon...thanks for the update...I look forward to it!

  4. Nice interview. It's great to hear your voice Donna. I'm definitely going to check out this organization.



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