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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing - New Releases


Author/Photographer: Kim McDougall

Reanie is a shy girl. She has a new step dad whose shoulders seem to fill their small house. Afraid to disappoint him, she retreats to her room whenever Bill asks her to play. But when he invites her on a photo safari in the creek, Reanie can't resist. As the father and daughter splash through the water, they encounter many creatures. Bill teaches Reanie how to handle a camera, and her new step-dad doesn't seem so strange anymore.Illustrated with Kim Chatel's stunning photography, this is more than a story. It is a journey with Reanie as she finds her voice and her artistic talent. The back of the book includes five non-fiction pages about photography: a glossary of terms, tips on taking better pictures and historical tidbits about photography.

Author: Vishpriya (Vandhana Veerni) Artist: Eugene Ruble

Throughout my growing years, character formation made a distinct mark. Through innumerous stories and daily experience, my parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents continuously re-iterated the importance of good character and how it helps form the person you are in future.

Author: Diane Luise Kirk Artist: Susann Batson
It’s Christmas Eve in Nebraska, 1874 with a blizzard on the way. And fifteen-year-old Rachel would rather be back in Omaha wearing ruffled silk dresses and preparing for Christmas balls than taking care of her ill mother and infant brother. When five Indians show up at their door, she has no one to turn to for help and has to rely on her instincts to keep her family safe. One page of teacher's notes included. Suggested age for readers: 7-12

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