Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bubba and Giganto by Lea Schizas - Book Review

Title: Bubba & Giganto ~ Against All Odds
Written by: Lea Schizas
Ages: 10-12
Publisher: 4RV Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9797513-6-3
Published: July 2008
Hardcover: 72 pages
Price: $15.99

The challenges presented to school age children are tremendous. The expectations of achieving good grades are high on the list, especially by parents and teachers. Many times higher on the list for many students is fitting in and belonging to a group, and acceptance by their peers.

Bubba arrives at his fourth new school with a large chip on his shoulder. Without a filter, Bubba normally speaks his mind before thinking. He tends to judge a book by its cover, until he meets David. His initial thoughts were not pleasant towards David and without even realizing it an unlikely friendship develops quickly.

Bubba becomes David’s “protector” and “cheerleader” against the few fellow students. And for the first time in Bubba’s life he realizes he was the culprit of many cruel remarks towards past classmates. This revelation hits Bubba to the core of his foundation and with determination and loyalty, Bubba attempts to stand up for David against immeasurable odds of peer pressure. Will he succeed?

Lea Schizas expertly weaves in past bullying behavior and a change of heart towards others for this heartwarming story of friendship and acceptance. Learn more about Lea and her well accomplished writing career at:
Book Review by: Donna M. McDine

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  1. Great review, Donna, for a wonderful story. The book would be an asset in classrooms to help kids deal with bullying.



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