Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogger LinkUp

Looking for content for your blog and submitting your articles to other blogs. Well look no further. I recently came across this wonderful information in:

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August 6, 2009 Issue #201
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Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is the creation of Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady.

This is a free service that is all about helping bloggers - or anyone who wants to contact bloggers.

You can:
* Request guest posts
* Request sources for interviews and round-ups
* Offer guest posts to bloggers
* Offer products to bloggers for review

Who Should Join? You should join Blogger LinkUp if you are:

* A blogger who uses guest posts to fill in when you are away or just want to give your readers another point of view
* A blogger or web site owner who wants to get links and exposure by writing guest posts
* A blogger who does interviews or round-up articles and needs sources
* A representative of a company that wants to get your products reviewed by bloggers
* A PR person, publicist or social media consultant who helps clients with any of the above.

Here is how it works: Join the Blogger LinkUp list and you will get emails once or twice a day, Monday through Friday. These emails will list bloggers looking for expert sources, requests for guest posts, bloggers and web masters offering guest posts, and PR reps and others seeking reviews of products. When you see a request that you can fulfill, just respond directly to the requester.

Have a request of your own? Simply submit a request, and it will be forwarded to the list.

Blogger LinkUp
Email Cathy Stucker:

Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

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  1. thanks for the awesome link, Donna. Great information.


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