Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing for Free Markets

In the ICL newsletter a few weeks back the article entitled, "Can You Profit From Writing for Free?" by Jan Fields was featured. Go to the link today: and read this worthwhile article.

Once you have had a chance to read it stop back and let's get a discussion going on what your thoughts are for non-paying markets to get published credits under your belt.

I'm looking forward to your comments.

Best wishes for your continued success!


  1. Her points make sense! Exposure & experience.
    And you can never predict where something might lead...

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  2. Very true Diane. Most of the team members of My Light Magazine were regular contributors first. And one of the editors got a paying job writing online because of her experience with My Light. In the end, generosity is always rewarded. :)

  3. Interesting, and I'd definitely agree about the exposure and self-confidence part of it. I had a few stories published in non-paying on-line markets and it almost made me believe in myself. Now I'm going to have three coming out in print... one pays in e-copies, one in real copies, and one in what I suspect will be infinitely small amounts of money. But it all helps with that feeling that I might be moving forward.

    Of course, without real money, the family will never believe I'm going anywhere.

  4. "Sometimes you just want to be part of something terrific." I think this is one item from the list in the article that I'd say best describes why I write for non-paying publications. And I'll say it up front, Stories for Children is my favorite.

    I've never contributed to any ezine or magazine that I didn't think was the highest quality.

  5. I blogged about this very issue just a week or so ago.

    Looking forward to reading the article! Thanks Donna!

  6. Thanks for your input today. I appreciate everyone's opinion. My first published article was in the non-paying market and it has led to several great opportunities for me.

    I wish you all continued success in your writing careers.


  7. Sometimes it's not about the money, at least for me. Sometimes seeing my work in print or online in a great magazine or newsletter is enough.


  8. I'm trying to think of a non-paying market I've been published in. I can't think of any. The points make sense, and I'd imagine it's similar to work for hire vs. trying to get published in other markets.


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