Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Review: The Crypto-Capers in the Case of the Red Rock Canyon

Title: The Crypto-Capers in the Case of the Red Rock Canyon

Written by: Renee Hand

Illustrator: Alla Dubrovich

Soft cover: 135 pages

Ages: 8-12 (grades 4-7)

Publisher: North Star Press of Saint Cloud Inc.,

ISBN: 978-0-87839-304-6

Published: March 2009

Price: $12.95

Once again The Crypto-Capers find themselves hired and on the road to Las Vegas to solve The Case of the Red Rock Canyon. The stolen item in this case, an Orchid Ruby Necklace out on loan to producer, Mr. Cross for his latest play, The Orchid Menagerie.

With each case The Crypto-Capers accept the cryptograms become more mysterious and increasingly difficulty to solve. They are not be thwarted. Their determination in not being dubbed, Max, Mia, Morris, and Granny (Nellie Holmes) find themselves thrown into the dramatics of theatre and life threatening circumstances. Deciphering clues is always a challenge and add in whose acting and who is telling the truth proves to be the biggest obstacle. Will the detectives solve this case before it’s too late?

Come along for the perilous adventure into the theatre world. The performances and clues will have you guessing at each curtain fall as to who is behind the theft of the Orchid Ruby Necklace.

Author, Renee Hand cleverly blends a mystery and cryptogram clues throughout her series The Crypto-Capers making the adventure of solving a mystery more exciting. To learn more about Hand’s writing career visit

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